Home Discussion Forum How many people on R&S practice magick?

How many people on R&S practice magick?

just taking a survey…


  1. Occasionally, i am pretty half arsed so i get half way through summoning a demon and just leave to play wii or whatever.
    Kind of sucks for the demons cause they get stuck halfway between this world and theirs.

  2. Everybody performs magic. Every time our brain, a solid lump of fat, manages to convert perceived frequencies into a solid reality, is magic. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  3. Well I read all the Wiccan wikisource books and then set my school on fire using raven feathers.
    If, you know, that’s the kind of example you wanted.

  4. That would depend on your definition of “magick”.
    I cast the occasional spell when there is a need for any and all extra help available in a situation. But aside from actual creating and casting of spells, my practice is rather a combination of kitchen/cottage witchcraft & green witchcraft, which I feel is full of magic(k) on a daily basis – gardening, cooking, crafting (arts & crafts; aromatherapy oil blends and bath salts; herbal teas, infused oils, creams, etc.), caring for hearth and home and imbuing magical energy into such.


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