How many people on Answers don't know the different between which and witch?

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Seriously though. How many people on Answers, and in the world don’t know the difference between which (as in to decide between two things) and a witch (the noun most commonly shown as a woman with a black pointy hat)???

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not many….see language….witch is satanic…avoid it

stony mcpot

i prefer to call myself a sorcerer to avoid confusion.

rawr :)

hahahaha i bet A TON of answers don’t!!!!!
i get so tired of the horrible spelling on here, its ridiculous


why are you asking this stupid question. It makes no sense.


Nah, it’s pretty easy…
Like whether and weather.
It’s something you’re supposed to learn in school haha 😀

Nezragareth Spoke

And how many really care ? except you


Or the difference between lose and loose.


It appears that few people here even have a basic grasp of the english language.

Miss Misery

I think most people are able to distinguish between the two, even among those who are just totally imbeciles about grammar rarely confuse which and witch.
However, they’re their & there are terrible.

Crystal clear

It’s a predominant thing around Y!A. And one of my big pet peeves as well. I haven’t seen it near as much on other forums as I do around Y!A.
I asked a similar question last year.;_ylt=AsK_9WIWaRQgY84XGx7qKDLty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080328125304AALNjV9
I’m laughing hysterically over the answer here that says your question makes no sense. It makes perfect sense to me.
It’s may not be exactly related to R&S, but then, witchcraft is a spiritual practice and many of the Y!A witches frequent the R&S section.


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