Home Discussion Forum How many people know who Kahlil Gibran is?

How many people know who Kahlil Gibran is?

And what is your favorite piece by him?
I’m a teen and fell in love with Gibran after reading “the lonely poet.” He is one of my all time favorite writers.
Why do my friends think I’m weird for reading his work and not talking about prom or the moronic boys at our school?


  1. Kahlil Gibran was a Lebanese American artist/poet. Favorite poem: On Children.
    I don’t think very many people know who he is.

  2. I’m a 35 year old hippy. I read ‘The Prophet’ as a teenager, because I was such a 60s freak. And Lord of the Rings (not by him) before it became cool again. Kahlil Gibran is still in most major bookshops and every now and then there seems to be a resurge of popularity.

  3. Wasn’t he a writer? A book of short stories written by him is there in my parent’s room.

  4. i know him!!! just recently, i read his book (the prophet)…it was a requirement in one of my subjects. i thought it was boring at first, but it actually had a lot of sense.

  5. As a 64 year old ex-Beat and ex-Hippie (ya I knock down bread, but I never sold out so it’s cool) I can tell you from personal experience that Gibran’s “The Prophet” was very influential in the late ’50s and morphed into the Love Generation/Children’s revolt of the ’60s with a natural ease. Many of us used it as a guide for daily meditation. Ravi Shankar’s music was a perfect adjunct, as I recall. BTW did you know the there is a recording of “The Prophet” read by Richard Harris with music by Arif Mardin, on the Atlantic label?


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