How many people in the united states believe in religion Wicca?






Does anybody know a percentage? Are you Wicca? Thanks.


  1. It’s impossible to say because many Wiccans won’t officially self-identify as being part of the faith, usually due to fears about losing their jobs, their families or their homes. Other worship groups are initiatory covens which do not consider it the business of anybody else to know their religious affiliation.
    The best estimate I’ve heard is between 200,000-400,000 in the continental USA.
    But then again we’ve never been about being the biggest religion out there. Not everybody is cut out to be a priest/ess of our Gods, and each trained Wiccan IS considered a member of the clergy.

  2. answer: Yes, I believe Wicca exists. It’s not my religion but I know many pagans, some of which are Wiccans.

  3. 8 years ago there were approximately 134,000 recorded Wiccans. it has been growing steadily since then. However, as Prairiecow mentioned, there are many, many Wiccans that are afraid to claim they are for fear of persecution. there have been recorded cases of people being fired from their jobs because they are Wiccan and also, parents have lost custody of their children simply because they were Wiccan. My guess is that for every one of us that is ‘out of the broom closet’ there are at least 3 or 4 that aren’t.

  4. Certainly less than 1%. The ballpark number I use is 750,000, but I always stress that it is very ballpark. Counting adherents of a religion is always difficult, even more so in this case since Wiccans are not terribly organized, don’t have a central hierarchy, and so forth.
    I’ve been Wiccan for more than 15 years and studying it for more than 20.

  5. Its pretty stupid how people fire and discriminate people because their Wiccan. Its pretty odd that people call themselves Christians yet they ignore and don’t even listen to Jesus. Some, not all. Whether their using Christianity as a tool to hurt others or they’re just ignorant. Well in a book I read it said that there are 9 million people in the world that are Wiccan. I’m not saying Christianity is stupid, I’m saying I don’t understand why Christians don’t listen to Jesus and their God. I mean, the bible does say “Thou Shalt Not Judge Others” and their judging. Well everyone judges right? But they shouldn’t do it so ignorantly (if thats even a word)
    Btw, been Wiccan for almost 5 months. I’m still learning.
    No offense, I know not all Christians are like this. All of my friends and family are Christians and Catholics and they don’t discriminate people because of their religion. Okay, right now I’m just complaing and I should stop that now!

  6. I don’t know a percentage, probably around 250,000 people. Yes I am Wiccan and I am proud. NOBODY will scare me enough to stop me!

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