Home Discussion Forum How many people here understand what the Kabbalah teaches?

How many people here understand what the Kabbalah teaches?

The Kabbalh: (Jewish Mysticisim) incorporates Bible beliefs with mysticism & magick.


  1. I don’t know much about Kabbalah, but I heard it was Jewish mysticism. Heretical beliefs have historically crept into the Jewish religion. The Bible has all kinds of prophecies against magic and occult practices, and sorcery, and it’s not a pretty picture.

  2. i believe god and the bible. in my bible it says that sothsayers(magic) and mysticiam people are all going to hell

  3. i have a friend that’s really into to that but every time she tries to explain it to me the tree of life and all that stuff i just get bored and confused

  4. Yes, it’s quite complicated. . .and perhaps the oldest form of wisdom collected by the Hebrews. In fact, it “may” have been what the founding father, Abraham, had with him when coming to Canaan (to be closer to the geodedic center of the Middle East: Salem or Jerusalem. . .were one a devotee of the “moon”).
    That said, the claims that the “Zohar” collection can be traced back to Abraham is controversial amongst scholars. . .for it cannot (although portions of it “may” be ancient.)

  5. its mostly about the tree of life, its shape its parts and paths. i have studied qabala (magick form of kabbalah) because of tarot. its a very simple filing cabinet that is easy to use for wizards and mystics. some call it pathworking.

  6. The Kabbalah requires a lot of study and cannot be picked up without tremendous effort. The Kabbalah teaches about the meaning of life and God.

  7. I do and I have a copy at hand and if you really knew what it was you were talking about you would not be asking this question, for you would know that anyone with such knowledge would not explain one item of it to you. So have a nice day.


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