How many people here think we are seeing massive spiritual shifts and rising above Organized religion?

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Chris Koko

I hope so, and think you might be right.
I personally want all agnostics to realise that they don’t need to be afraid of taking that small final step to also believing that there is no underlying spiritual force to the universe.
It’s a bit scary at first, but you’ll all warm to the idea once you get used to it.
They do seem to be the quickest growing belief group around at the moment….

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I see it.


I do! I do! Bring it on! I am ashamed of how calling myself a christian lumps me in with mindless and ignorant bible thumpers! I want to love Jesus and not be seen as a judgmental idiologist!!!

Rudy P

I think so too, our knowledge is increasing. Many organized churches are not preaching the true Gospel, in fact not many of them are.

Rawcus Roger

I sure hope so… wouldn’t THAT just be answered prayer indeed.
see this question:


not me.

Adam's Rib

I see a massive shift in one religion gaining control over the world. The wrong religion. Just like Revelation reveals, we will all be under this one Satan controlled religion. This will be during the Great Tribulation. But, God will act once this religion attacks His people. The Bible says it will be like they are touching his eyeball. He will go into a rage and destroy the evil religion or government that has caused his followers to be harmed. Then he will rule the earth with his own heavenly kingdom. Never again will mankind be allowed to rule the earth. The earth will be restored to the paradise God intended for it to be in the first place.

Mr. Diamond007

Yes..It’s almost the same as it was when the “break away” happen with the catholic church….true christians are “tired” of organized religion just the same… 🙂 It’s happening again!

Robin Runesinger

I see a tendency to shift to a kind of indeterminate monotheism, a trend to remove any complexity or mystery from religion, a kind of “dumbing-down” of belief. I see this as a pre-cursor to building a kind of homgenized spirituality that treats the people as more of a mindless mass than religion does now. In the process, I think that people will lose all spiritual belief, leading to a flat and shallow existence, without color, without spirit, without life…
But at least the atheists will be happy.


I do absolutely and I also believe that “the end” that is coming is the end to this age of hate. The pendulum swings both ways…we are almost at the end getting ready to head in the other direction.


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