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How many people have seen auras like I have?

Many books have been written about it…this is your Light Body…we have many more. What Im basically asking is, do you believe the aura is proof of life after death…
..and considering if you are really a sensitive, some have seen seven or eight or even 9 layers…I think this goes to show we are much more than the physical eyes can see? Your thoughts?
Yes, I saw a milky film of radiation coming off from my mom. Like vapor from dry ice…


  1. I have never seen an Aura. And i doubt the claims that others have of seeing them. Maybe they have some sort of eye trouble.

  2. yes i do…plus i have been reading A lot about near death experiences and they all mathc up its heaven or hell
    e mail me if you need anymore help!

  3. I don’t know anything about auras, but one thing’s for sure, we can’t trust our senses 100%, for example when you put a pencil in a glass filled with water it looks as if the pencil is bent, but that’s not the case, the pencil is actually straight. What I’m trying to say is basically that there is something beyond our perception.

  4. I see them if I concentrate. When I was talking to a priest, there was a yellowish glow about him that wasn’t caused by lighting or my eyes playing tricks on me (I hadn’t seen auras for a good few years until I met this priest, by the way). As for proof of life after death? I don’t think it is. I think it just means that we radiate energy, and some people can visually pick up on that.

  5. I believe that too. There is aura in our body. Mine is red and blue for some reason. Blue surronding the red. There is an after life.

  6. I wouldn’t believe it if I’d seen it. I’ve seen lots of things that weren’t there: It all has to do with chemicals in your brain.

  7. I can see auras
    I can only see the first two layers though
    but no I dont believe this is proof of anything except we are energy
    I think it helps the case for it though

  8. I can’t really see auras, but I can empathize with the general aura around someone. I’m not very sensitive to it, but I’m working on that. I like this question . . . lol. I love auras and just the concept. And yes, I do believe in life after death. ^-^

  9. well for me i haven’t seen aura’s to be exact but sometimes i can feel a pulsing senstation from that person it’s werid , also when i am in some sort of danger even when i don’t know it i also get a pulse but it’s different it’s colors of red and etc..
    and my thoughts on this is that some people are born with a sense like this and some aren’t or haven’ unlocked it yet or who ever know’s if they will..
    Everyone has it but some just don’t know how to make it happen unlike the people that just see them.
    and i don’t think a aura is proof of life after death i think it’s just the person charateristics & the way they are that set it off.
    I’m 16 so i don’t know as much but these are my opinions.

  10. my son is 7 months and DEFINITELY sees auras! Babies can see them because they have not been taught they cant or that its not real yet. Which i will never teach my son that because spirtuality is the only way, i was raised as a christian and i had it shoved down my throat but now organized religion entertains me.

  11. A quick warning before I answer; your question will get shit on by many people who would rather make a snide remark known rather than keep it to themselves.
    Yes, I have seen plenty of auras, I have even learned to decipher the colors, thickness and other things.
    Did you know that your aura can change color depending on where it is? For example, I have seen people with purple hands, but a different surrounding aura. (Purple is healing)
    If you would like to know more, you are more than welcome to e-mail me ^^
    ***Andie W, so you are an empath as well? Good to hear of another.

  12. two completely different questions here
    1 – accepting that auras exist, the classification as to what they are would be wide, but ultimately could be defined into a few different types.
    A] They are energy, residual, emotional, spiritual and/or psychic being given off by the ‘I’ [whether this is actual physical or supernatural or something else, unknown at present in my studies.]
    B] They are something which exists in the mind of the viewer and not in acual state – this does not remove their usefulness/application in reading, but may be a creation of the mind, a tool as it were, acting as an intermediary between thing observed and process – xample: I see you with a blueey-green- this is because I observe you in some manner as being calm but you do nt actually have this. It is just my mind inerpreting your calm ‘vibe’. [I don’t hold with this, as I have felt as well as seen auras – but it is a possible theory and I don’t want to discredit any ideas]
    C] a combination of above.
    now – whether or not these exist – to leap and postlate about an afterlife is quite a step. no proof is offered, merely if an energy exists around us – it has a source – whether that source survives a bodily death is not affirmed, confirmed or denied by being able to read ‘off product’ from life…
    I would be nice to be able to do so – but no, auras do not help in this matter. Whether ghosts and spirits are just the same energy as auras are – now that is question worth examining…

  13. There is something which is beyond our five senses, mind and intellect. Those are able to see this, they are having strong sixth sense. Sixth sense or subtle perception ability is our ability to perceive the subtle dimension or the unseen world of angels, ghosts, heaven, etc. It also includes our ability to understand the subtle cause and effect relationship behind many events, which is beyond the understanding of the intellect. Extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, premonition, intuition are synonymous with sixth sense or subtle perception ability. For detail please see following link
    As an answer to your second question, please see the following link

  14. I see auras and not just the ones from my migraines LOL I actually have been studying how to do it for years and i keep a close eye on what my aura has to tell me. certain colors mean certain things obviously. so if a color is bad in a certain area then there is work that needs to be done. If it’s a good peaceful color and isn’t fluctuating, changing, or very thin then it usually means that you are coming to peace with whatever that area had been going through.


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