Home Discussion Forum How many people believe in Reincarnation? ?

How many people believe in Reincarnation? ?

I absolutely believe in reincarnation, but haven’t met too many people that share my view. This is a poll.=d
Your right about karma, Ghost rider.
Interesting, Aneba, you could be right.
Mexkimo I think that what comes around goes around, you reap what you sow. I dont consider myself as living in the short term.


  1. Most people who believe in reincarnation also believe that they can screw up all they want now, because they will get another chance.
    People who have no evidence or believe that there is such thing. Live their life as best they can TODAY.
    Me. I do the best I can today and also tell my loved ones that I do love them.

  2. i do i’m a buddhist we believe in reincarnation, and no u can’t screw up now coz u get a second chance, coz of karma its goign to come back in this life or your next life

  3. Yea, I totally do. And really I’m a Catholic/Christian on top of it, I just think everything is linked in some way. And I believe that God will give us a chance to be reincarnated if we choose to want to be reincarnated.

  4. Yes, I absolutely do. I actually remember things from one of my past lives…
    And anyone who says it’s all about “believing you can screw up now because you have another chance” really has no idea what reincarnation is about.

  5. I do though personal experence.
    In 2005, I lost my little yorkiepoo Cryssi (we had the same name) in a house fire. Just this year on leap year, my 2 year old Yorkie Aiko gave birth. I noticed that her oldest one had a diamond shaped white mark on her head; I named her Nessa. Nessa is now 8 months old and she shares the same personality Cryssi had. I feel like Cryssi is in her and it does sadden me but it also makes me happy and relieved that she’s not mad at me for not being there at the time.

  6. Hi, I’m still 19 yr old. And I totally believe in reincarnation because I think it’s really logical and congruent with all occurrences that I’ve ever encountered. 🙂


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