HomeDiscussion Forumhow many past lives have you had? what is the average number?

how many past lives have you had? what is the average number?

like for the people who do regression what is the most common number and what is the most you have seen


  1. i think mabe 3 or 4 some peole my have 1000s
    i can rember stuff that hasnt actually happend in my life in such clarity like a memory
    i think i was a hunter/gatherer a lion tamer and an adventurer
    no one famouse though

  2. Be careful. Past lives are real, but regression therapy seems to get people to believe stuff that isn’t true. Like loads of people think they were all Cleopatra, as an example

  3. No one can remember their past lives. There’s no way to count them if you do in fact believe in reincarnation. As humans, our first memories begin when we are around 3 years old. Anything before that is bs. So if someone undergoes hypnosis and claims that they remember their past lives, that is just a bunch of bullhockey lol it’s not legit at all.

  4. You can remember even after age 3. The memory is lodged within us naturally. Just find a historical period that sucks you in and you’ll know. I lived during the Civil War, World War 2, BC Indonesia and on an alien planet. But be rational in your memory.

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