Home Discussion Forum How many pagan saviors were crucified and resurrected prior to Jesus?

How many pagan saviors were crucified and resurrected prior to Jesus?

I know Dionysus was and at least a few others… someone said there were 16 of them. Does anyone have a reference of who they were?


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  3. This depends on how you define “pagan”, but Kersey Graves says “16”
    edit: hmm, apparently not all 16 were resurrected though

  4. Most have a mythical and or divine being that died for something important and rose again.
    Osiris, Odin, Dionysus, etc.

  5. I don’t know how many “saviors” but there are plenty of ones who died and were resurrected, including Osiris and Baldur.

  6. Since the vast majority of pagan religions don’t condemn all non-believers to a hell for eternity and demand blood sacrifices, the only one I can think of that fits the “savior” part is Mithras.
    Plenty that died and were resurrected, but no other God except the Christian one demanded that kind of sacrifice.
    Oh, and none of them were crucified.

  7. There were a number of both crucified and resurrected saviors before Christ. Dionysus is seen on both a cross and on a tree in effigy’s that were made prior to the time of Christ. The entire Gospel story is a blending of Greek/Egyptian myths with Old Testament stories. It is no problem to fulfill a prophecy when writing fiction after the fact. Paul’s writings make no mention of any events in the Gospels at all except for the Last Supper, Resurrection, and Crucification. And he only mentions them in metaphysical terms. He doesn’t discuss Jesus as a real person. He is nothing more than a neo-Platonic philosopher.


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