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How many of you think that people can be mind controlled by hypnosis?

I think people can get controlld by hypnosis ,why? beacos people today let things like temptation ,controll them.One thing to remember, people can only get hypnotize when you let yourself get brainwasht wich is vairey hard to do beacause to me all those hypnotic suggestion’s are vairy hard to fight for the weak minded or for anyone for that matter.


  1. Hypnosis is a state of mind and most that i have witnessed are VERY PLAYED up and faky!
    I do believe it can be done, but i just think that way too many are fakin it , for attention. 🙂

  2. Actually your question has been proven.I have watched a documentary on Discovery channel about this matter.They have proved that hypnosis in wrong hands can be really dangerous.The person who puts you under hypnosis can create memories and thoughts that you never had and in that way make you believe they are yours…It’s a control

  3. Hello Levi
    It is impossible for anyone to be controlled by hypnosis.
    The subconscious mind serves to protect & will not process suggestions that go against the indivduals moral code.
    No one can be made to do anything that they would not normally do under hypnosis – like a lot of subjects hypnosis isnt the same as its media portrayal!
    A succesful hypnosis candidate – those who benefit most from hypnotherapy are those who are intellegent with good imagination skills. The weaker the mind – the less effect. Very young children, those with learning difficulties or servere mental disorders cannot be hypnotised as they cannot focus long enough.
    In Peace
    ~ Hypnotherapist

  4. Mind control is not only for the weak minded. As a matter of fact, their are many advantages to mastering the techniques of persuasion through hypnosis. These techniques can help you have more control over your entire life and especially situations in which control and a level head is a requirement.
    You can literally hypnotize someone during a conversation without them even realizing it. You can also use this new found knowledge to be more successful in your career and your personal life as well.
    If you want to learn more about how this can make you a more confident and secure person you can visit http://www.thehypnosiscourse.blogspot.com/ and read about the experiences others are having.
    Remember that the only weak minded people are the ones who are not willing to explore the secrets of our minds and use them to their advantage. The mind is the most complex and the most powerful computer ever created!


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