Home Discussion Forum How many of you out there have experience sleep paralysis?

How many of you out there have experience sleep paralysis?

Describe what it was like. How often and what usually happens when you go thru it.


  1. Now that i think of it that hasnt happened to me in a while. It was once believed to be caused by demons, which is of course not true. However for a description of how it feels, i would say it is somewhat hard to describe. Usually it occurs in the hands and fingers. You simply cant move them no matter how hard you try. After about 10 seconds you generally regain control.

  2. It happened to me only once, when I was an undergrad and had been sleep deprived for about a week due to binge studying. Luckily I had already taken an introductory psychology course prior to the event so I knew exactly what it was when it was happening (I felt no need to attribute the experience to demons, or God, or anything else supernatural).
    I felt like something was sitting on my chest. It wasn’t terribly difficult to breath but I did notice that it was more difficult than normal. My eyes were capable of moving and I still had my morning erection that all men have if they wake up during R.E.M. sleep, but other than that the rest of my body couldn’t move, even when I really wanted it to. I was a little freaked out for the first couple seconds but after that I came to think of it rather cool. In the end, I accidentally slapped myself in the face as the effects wore off earlier than I had expected.

  3. In esoteric circles ‘Sleep paralysis’ is usually regarded as preceding an out-of-body experience. It usually happens unexpectedly by ‘accident’, but one can train oneself to induce the experience if one wants to.
    If you’re seriously interested in the subject, a good starting point is a book Projection of the Astral Body by Sylvan Joseph Muldoon & Hereward Carrington and others by the same authors.


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