How many of you know what a true Succubus is and looks like?

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How many of you know what a true Succubus is and looks like?

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I don’t know what one looks like and all i know is what i have read in books how true it is i don’t know


i,ve always believed a succubus was a shape shifter and could look like whatever it had to to entice it,s victum

The Inner Coven

Unfortunately a succubus or succubi can take on many different looks. Especially when a normal human being can unknowingly and unwittingly become one themselves. A succubus is a creature that will feed upon a person like a leach. They will feed on not just their energy but eventually their soul aswell. Some believe that there is no difference between a succubus or vampire only gender. But I can tell you that a vampire will only feed on energy and they will feed on different types of energy or different people on different occasions and mostly only what they need. A succubus will devour a person’s energy, soul and spirit until there is nothing but a shell. Unfortunately as the unknowing victum, unless they get away or fight back, that person once a shell will then become that which had fed on them continuing the cycle.


sorry friend , i don’t know what’s that …

Persephone V V T

The most common description of a succubus is of a demon in a female form that feeds on the life-force of men by having sexual relations with them, usually while they’re asleep. As a demon or spirit being, such a creature could assume any form it wishes to seduce it’s victim.
The concept of incubi and succubi goes back to Sumerian times. In Sumer, Akkad and Babylon they were called lili (female), lilu (male), lilitu (female), ardat lili (female), and erdu lili (male).
In Hebrew folklore they were called lilim and were thought to be the children of Lilith. In Greek folklore they were called lamiae, named after the mythical Lamia.
I’m inclined to think this is a true type of spirit, possibly demonic, that drains energy from sleeping people. I don’t think it would devour the soul, but I’m not an expert on this stuff.
I think some psychic vampires function in a similar way to succubi and incubi, in that they also can feed on sexually-charged energy, but I don’t think they are demonic. From the perspective of the victim, it might not matter much if their attacker is a demon or an astral or dream-walking vampire, though.
Demonic succubi are usually portrayed as voluptuous women with bat-like wings.
A real vampire succubus could have both her normal human form and an astral form. An astral form may have wings or other non-human characteristics.
– P.


A succubus is a stunningly beautiful woman. Her voluptuous form is squeezed into a tight leather bodice. Large bat wings unfurl from her back, and she lets out a short gasp as she cracks a small whip against her milky thigh. A succubus is pleasure and pain rolled into one deadly package. Like all demons, she enjoys bringing death and misery to the mortal races – but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with them first. Many warlocks choose a succubus as a fel companion for their ability to manipulate those weak of will. It is not uncommon for a succubus in a mortal’s servitude to fall uncontrollably in love with him or her; this occurrence is not always to the master’s advantage, though, for a devoted succubus can be prone to fits of extreme jealousy, especially when her master deals with those of the opposite sex. A succubus usually tries to avoid direct confrontation, preferring instead to use her natural (and supernatural) charm to gain a creature’s trust, then to lure her victim into a defenseless position. In open combat, a succubus is far from helpless, however. She is surprisingly agile, always attempting to feint or flank an opponent, thus allowing her to backstab with her lash of pain. Most warlocks tend to trust their succubus’s natural instincts in combat. This trust comes as much from respect for her abilities as it does from the realization that a succubus may ignore an order she doesn’t agree with anyway. This is especially true when an opponent threatens her master directly, as she may become reckless trying to save him.MG 127
Succubus/succubi is likely the Common terms and sayaad the Draenei term for the race. Though succubus might be a class/faction within the race. Sayaad are the race of winged demons from which Succubi, Anguishers and others types originate. The plural form is “succubi.” They are predominantly loyal to the Burning Legion. As with Harpies and Shivarra, no information exists on males of the species (it is unknown if male sayaad even exist) who would properly be called incubi. Incubi were given a very brief mention in the Last Guardian.LG 118


An incubi and succubi are shape shifters, they are sexual predators.they can take on many ,mostly humanoid forms.Which of course means 2 legs. it is said there are more incubi then succubi.
here is another good link for you to try

kathy f

I dont have any idea what Succubus is or what it looks like.

Lee Swords

One question that’s been wondering around in my head is, When the succubi is summoned, can it take unrealistic characteristics.
I happen to be a young adult who wants to learn more about magic. I use different forms of kineses, but I major in lunarkieses, A form of telekinesis, which uses Dark energy, Anger, Hatred, or pretty much anything negative in a persons life, to manipulate your chi. (Mana, Ki, Chakra, or more a more commonly used word, Human Life Force) as a mental weapon, or utility. The reason I mentioned this is Because, I’m a beginner in this, and I’ve yet to cast the summon, myself. I am also aware that this might not be the best site to discuss this, but I don’t have the time to sign up for any site I want questions asked for. I am a busy person, I have School.
Any Solutions would be appreciated, If possible please contact me.


show me pls. is it danger ? how to sumon her.

Did you know that , We, are naked hairless Apes ? Women and Men are attracted to this , also !! He is , too !


I do know.They are hard to get rid of.Especially once they have possessed you.Leave them alone.They follow very few rules & they fear very little. They break free will.Christianity will not save you.Most religions cannot.The only way to get rid of them call forth or summon Marduks help.They fear him.Did I forget to mention they do not have to be summoned. There’s a lot of wickedness now in this world.I think they got in thru a time rip to our dimension. They have caused a lot of bad things to happen.If you do not believe me go twitter.Most animals are close to extinction. People are killing more & more.A lot of good people have died more than usual.Its like watching The movie In the mouth of madness.I am not the one who sees it & feels it.

Willie Taylor

I need someone I can talk to about this. I am not sure what we should do. It seems as if my brother and I are both having experiences that are similar. He seams to be in a different level or something but I am asking for advice and help mabe not sure yet.



Rose Fallen

Can you tell me more about it


you had a girlfriend is a succubus ? how? show me how call her. is it danger ?


How does she look like then , is it like a pannequin head with a cloth then tied with a string

The One

Succubi look like a large head of Cabbage, that shake’s its leaves if you get to close mostly.

Willie Taylor

I am not exactly sure what it looks like or is but the fact is that it exists. I don’t know if it is harm full or not. If anyone knows for sure let me know. I just don’t like the fact that theysay it feeds on your energy. I need all mine I really don’t have any to spair. If there is someone out there that can tell me what is going on it seems like there is many of them around me and my brother. We need some help I think that they are trying to take over our family or home or something. I think they are even reproducing. I know they are sheding and leaving pieces of skin everywhere. What is the skin from. And how is this possible. Help anyone that can please give me information

Rose Fallen

Can you tell me more about it


It’s Lilith and her half demon children. She takes revenge on humans for being kicked out of Eden.


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