Home Discussion Forum How many of you have heard of Eckhart Tolle?

How many of you have heard of Eckhart Tolle?

Have you read or listened to his work?
What did you think?


  1. He sat behind me in home room in 10th grade. His sister was president of the chess club and his mom made a really good pumpkin pie.

  2. Pretty cool guy. His message is not New Age claptrap, but rather drawn from many sources of very sound and practical wisdom. Highly recommended. He draws from Buddhist, Christian, Islam, Hindu, Native American traditions.
    I’d suggest reading him rather than listening to him on CD. He’s a bit boring when he talks.

  3. He still, has me thinking. He supports his thinking on the nature of the ego well, but is purely fanciful when he speaks of the “Pain Body”.

  4. I’ve heard of him, seen his newest book, maybe more at at least one bookstore, think I’ve even peaked inside the cover or at least have read a part of what was on the back of the book, also have heard a short bit of audio from his mouth. I can’t say much since I haven’t read any of his books. He seems brilliant and inspiring for sure, but contradictory to what I believe is ultimate truth, inspired and derived from the “God of this universe”, as opposed to more self inspired in some spiritual way.

  5. I have and I have read some of his writings.
    I liked them a lot.
    I liked learning about my ego and why it does what it does.
    I liked the way he teaches you to look very deep inside at yourself.
    I didn’t agree with every single point but I believe that most of it is right on target.


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