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How many of you have been to the Astral Plane?

whats it like?how hard was it to get there? what steps did you take to get there/how did you astral project??/


  • I have been there every night. That is what you are doing when you go to sleep and dream. I have also done it consciously. There are many good books on the subject. Go to the book store and buy one.

  • How many? 276. Or, if it’s not 276, it’s 231. One or the other. It’s cool, man. Real cool. ‘scuse me, just got to go and have another puff.

    Sheesh, that’s cool. And funny, man. And cool. Sheesh.

  • Is no Astral Plane, I ride Air Japan planes, JAL have no Astral Planes however, astral projection not really exist, is nothing project, mind and body are unit, cannot separate them.

  • To astrally project, go somewhere quiet & dimly lit.

    Relax your mind, concentrating on nothing but positive energy filling your body & encasing you in it.

    Imagine yourself slowly rising from your body.

    See yourself in the air, looking down at your physical self.

    & take it from there.

    The astral plane is the most beautiful place you can ever imagine.

  • its like having your world flipped inside out into another dimension of madness where few men have gone before.

  • Oh, now come, come Dumbeldore, this must be something you are well versed at surely? As you would know only too well, your friend Tom Riddle knows all about it. Why don’t you just run along and ask him?

  • Deep meditations?
    Some need to meditate for Hours, others can go straight there

    If you are not expecting a trip to the Astral plain, it can be a bit of a shock

  • The only Astral Plane I’ve ever been to was a restaurant in Philadelphia. My husband and I had our first date there.

    I think I probably got better results than I would have with tryng to achieve astral projection. I find ancient and medieval occult beliefs fascinating as a subject for academic study, but I don’t believe in them myself. I find it hard to understand why anyone would.

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