How many of you had a near-death experience because of alcohol?

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I did. And I quit drinking because of it.

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That’s great and good luck to you !!


I don’t remember it! Seriously I was told about it but don’t remember!


no i have never drank. but my friends all have. many drove drunk and gotten alcohol poisoning and they should have died.


Nowhere near… but my neighbor’s daughter did while she was away at college. She doesn’t even drink, but made the mistake of sitting her drink down during the course of the night and there were some folks who thought it would be funny to “get the geek drunk.”
She began to feel ill… then passed out… and when her roommate went looking for her and found her, she and two other friends carried her to the car and drove her to the nearest emergency room. ER staff told the friends that it was a very good thing they’d sought medical attention for her as her breathing was shallow and her heart rate and body temperature were well below what they should have been.
6 years later, I cringed at sending my first child away to college but they all knew this young lady’s story and it caused them to all be very cautious during group gatherings. I’m on the fourth college student and gratefully there have been no mishaps. I do have one son who is an alcoholic and he’s walked a very fine line many times on purpose… so please keep him in your prayers as someone who’s learned the dangers of this substance.

Mad Max

I had one a few days ago….. and I want to stop drinking.


I had several too and quit drinking 5 years ago. :o)


i had one about a month ago. i wasnt expecting the alcohol to hit me that hard. i still drink though, i’m just wayy more careful.


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