How many of you believe Astrology is an accurate way of defining personality?






answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ please.


  1. No… not to finite details… but general characteristics… Yea!… I have seen it for over 25 years define the general characteristics of people that I know… but not for day to day stuff… there is no prediction of future… just general tendencies…

  2. sorry, i just can’t say “Y” or “N”
    You are not like you are for born in that or this astrological aspects, but for you are as you are that you must have born in this precisely day.

  3. I believe it is pretty darn accurate. I guessed your sign was Virgo by the way your question was asked last night. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation were perfect, and I know how Virgos like things done “just so.”
    At first I guessed Aries ( my sign ) because we tend to put ourselves out there and like attention, but then I noticed your sentence structure and I said “aha! Virgo.” So, like I said, I think it’s pretty accurate.

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