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How many of you are prepared to witness the blessing of el caganer?

Seriously, I’ve never heard of this until today, and I wonder how many R&Sers know of this person. Apparently, in Catalonia there’s a tradition of having a discreet and surreptitious character in the back of a nativity scene taking a dump. This is meant to provide jollity and humor to an otherwise overly serious scene. Does anyone else know of the old story about two Zen monks who wander through the woods sweeping the forest floor? One of them swats supplicants on the butt with a broom to prove how ridiculous the whole affair of “seeking enlightenment” really is.
I see a connection here. I think that el caganer (the shitter) is a variety of butt-swatting Zen master, a sort of coyote or Loki figure that helps people realize it isn’t always important to take things so darned seriously.
Whaddya think?
@ZILLA: Ouch! Hey, that smarts 🙂
@Morganie…good point. I hadn’t considered that view, but it certainly fits with the teachings of the church.


  1. You learn something new every day 🙂
    I prefer this explanation:
    “The idea that God will manifest himself when he is ready, without regard for whether we human beings are ready or not”

  2. what…. seriously? I think I’m gonna go google this…. what can I say I’m bored here at work and this seems interesting lol
    EDIT:… I’ve come back with my findings apparently he’s as important a character as Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus himself.
    “Their ”fertilizer” enriches the earth around them, thus promising a buena cosecha (a good harvest) during the forthcoming year. This translates into a general good omen for the future. Upon purchasing a Caganer, are told that owning him will bring good luck and prosperity. One thing is certain, they do say much about the Catalan sense of humour. ”
    I think you’ll find this even weirder: El Caga Tió http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art38670.asp


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