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How many of you, and how often do you?

Look at a picture of someone, and they contact you, or you are talking about a person, and they contact you, or you see them or hear from them directly afterward or during? Quite a wonder telepathy is, most dont even know they’re doing it, and many still dont believe. Just wondering how often and to how many of you it happens. 馃檪 thank you kindly.
Also, if you say something at the exact same time as someone else. Or think it at the same time and both acknowledge it.


  1. Yeah. Often I’ll be thinking about someone spontaneously, and then i’ll hear from them, or bump into them.

  2. Its happened to me before.
    One time I was walking in the city, had a thought of my mums friend and when I turned the corner there she was.
    Weird stuff has happened to me before, like when I jokingly read my friend’s (Whom I had meet for the first time) fortune. I said she would fall in love with 2 people, and said their names. Turns out it was her brothers names. Also one time I thought of a question in my mind, I did not say it, some guy turned towards me and answers the question. Although it was not direct, it was a “You can do this” rather than a “Yes you can do this”

  3. Well….my dear….
    I sure know exactly, what you’re talking about, because such a phenomenon has occurred to me several times before… For instance…I used to think about my Mom (when I was living in the US) and…just a couple of hours later, the phone would ring and….my Mom was on the phone !!!
    Or just a few days ago….I wrote a letter to a friend of mine, who’s in jail at present….and when I took it to the mailbox…and…returned home…there was a letter from her in my mailbox !!! Incredible ! ESP or whatever you may call it, but it happens to me quite often…..Telepathy is probably the correct “label” for such an “intuition” !!!
    Wishing you all the best for the future! Greetings from Germany with all my love 6< care....Annette***

  4. Holy cow, I totally was dreaming about a friend that I haven’t seen for like ten years. She keeps popping into my dreams and so this morning I spent an hour trying to look her up or some of our other friends who might know where she is. I kept wondering if something is wrong or if she is thinking of me too and this is why I keep having the dreams. I thought, no it must just be me, then I logged on here and saw your question. I have also read some things that say your spirit can travel while you sleep so I wonder if we are actually hanging out in the dream state. Even as I am writing this an old song from Boys 2 Men we used to sing from the album I gave her for her birthday came on the radio…. Now I have to find her and see if she had the same things happening to her. I used to be better at telepathy when I was a kid, I would amaze my parents when I would tell them Grandma and Grandpa were coming and then they would show up. Or I would see things happen right before they did. I looked up some of your other answers and like what you said about believing in magic also. One of my great great great ancestors was killed in the Salem Witch Trials so I wondered if I had some powers that might have trickled down.

  5. On a very regular basis most likely weekly. Just last week I called my great friend Michael who I recorded with in the eighties. The last time I spoke with him was about two weeks ago, He lives in New York and I am in Calif. I called to tell him that I had an amazing feeling that some great things are going to happen to a few of our close friends soon. His phone beeped in and he put me on hold, then said he would call me right back! In about ten minutes he called me back to say that the caller was someone we both admired very much back in the eighties. A record company had decided to put out his greatest hits album and two songs that were chosen were Michael’s (he wrote them). Michael or myself knew nothing about this project and had not even seen the other person in over 15 years. I thought that was a good one, Tobias


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