how many of each basic energy cards should i have in my pokemon deck?





im making the best pokemon deck to beat my friends and i just started playing pokemon.i just wanted to ask you how many of each basic energy i should have in my deck.i only have space for 25 energy cards. 6 cards in my deck are fire types and 6 are psychic the others ar either 1,2,3,4 or 5. most of the cards need up to 3 energy’s for 1 attack.who ever has the most detailed answer gets 10 points!


  1. i found out that a complete deck is 60 cards!so i would use around 25 to 30 because i have around 150 to 200 or more cards.i have about 10 to 20 energy cards so i would use all of ya about 25 is pretty much all you need! I HOPE THIS ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION.

  2. Personally, I go with this deck format:
    25 Energy
    20 Pokemon
    15 Other
    Also, there is no such thing as a Best Pokemon Deck. You should also use only 2 types and add some weaker Pokemon to the deck. At least they’ll be able to attack.

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