Home Discussion Forum How many occult symbolisms can you name in various films?

How many occult symbolisms can you name in various films?

For example, I just watched the film E.T. with my kid and noticed not only heavy ‘sun’ symbolism, but Masonic and Templar as well. Also the all seeing eye, third eye, pineal gland symbology in the final scene. Of course I am not referring to the boring Judeo-Christian symbology like the copying of Michelangelo’s Sistine fresco or the resurrection. I am talking occult here. Anybody got some more on this film or others?
HD, looks interesting. I will check them out. I think the most talented directors have a natural eye for capturing this kind of symbolism. Spielberg himself said in a ’94 interview that he had not intended the religious symbolism, but I don’t know if he was aware of the occult stuff or not.


  1. third eye, right eye, pyramid, checkered floor, light[beams], unfinished pyramid, Masonic sign with the G, lyrics may have alot to do with it, android, atlantis city, baphomet, upside down star, sirus eye, regeneration scene like dead to new, eyes shaded.
    Alot of music, especially pop, had these symbols in their videos.
    Lupe Im beaming-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y4WV5n_THU
    Lady Gaga Material:
    Telephone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVBsypHzF3U&feature=av2e

  2. In films… I don’t know, I have noticed some (out side of movies based on the books of Dan Brown: “The DeVinci Code” “Angels and Demons”. I could give a handful of Occult symbols if there wasn’t the extra of it being one found in films. As I recall, you MAY find some in the movie ‘The Shinning’!
    Add: Oh! You will find many in Anton LaVey’s doccumentery: “Satan Is”, and I think there are maybe a number in some old 1960’s movies, “Synthia: The Devil’s Doll”, and “Rosemary’s Baby”!

  3. I particularly enjoyed the gnostic influence in The Matrix, but what really stood out to me was the gnostic influence in The Truman Show. Trueman was in an illusory world created by a false god, the “gods” maine goal was to keep him form becoming aware of the false nature of the world, a being from the “real” world woke him up to the knowledge that here was more beyond. Later, with knowledge, he defied the false creator god and left the world of illusion for the real world.

  4. I just saw DESPICABLE ME.
    1) Pyramid in Vector’s (the other villian’s) house
    2) Theft of the Egyptian pyramids in the beginning
    2) Some of the minions have ONE eye.
    3) The movie is made by ILLUMINATION Pictures (ILLUMINATI), stated in the beginning with a ONE-EYED minion Introducing.
    4) Vector has a “V” on the front of his uniform; V also represents “5” in Roman numerals.
    Five often refers to the PENTAGRAM’S five-pointed star.
    5) Theft of the moon, which is a pagan symbol


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