How many months into a pregnancy does a human fetus first gains self-consciousness?

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Baby #1 Due Mid December!

Self awareness or self consciousness? I’m confused.


There is no way anyone could ever know that.

April Golden

A fetus never knows that it is alive. That is, Know that it knows.
Self-awareness–aware that one is aware– comes in childhood, sometime after the beginning of speech. Age 3 or so.


Actually, a baby doesn’t gain self-consciousness until something like 5 or 6 months old. I saw something about that on Discover channel. Perhaps you mean a different term?
According to Jewish tradition, a fetus does not have a soul until 5 months pregnancy. Who knows. Anybody’s guess.

stephanie n

I had a scan done at 20 weeks and my son had his hand on his privates being a boy that seems pretty self aware …lol..


Usually about 5 or 6 give or take.


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