• There are no set rules, but generally the more the better.

    I talked to a Zen monk who has been living several years in a monastery. She meditates several hours a day now, but when she first started it was only 5 minutes per day. She said even that short amount of time helped.

  • You cannot meditate in minutes. You should meditate all night long,and then all day long,and then all night long,just what The Budha did on the day He got enlightenment.

  • The bench mark for doing meditation is your age and that many minutes.If somebody with 35 years has to do 35mins of meditation, anybody with 20 years 20minutes, 80 years 80 mins & so on. The more you do the more you gain the cosmic energy while doing meditation.

    There are 3 laws in meditation:-
    first law: when you are with you breath, your mind becomes empty

    second law: when you mind becomes empty, the cosmic energy starts entering into your body.

    third law:- when you body is saturated with the cosmic energy your third eye becomes kinetic.

    The technique of meditation is to close your eyes, cross your legs, clasp your hands and just observe your natural breath.This meditation can be done at any place i.e house, office, park etc. any time -morning , afternoon, night etc. Every human on this earth irrespective of age,sex, country, religion, region has a right to do meditation.

  • To me 20 to 30 minutes a day of pure love and goodness will do you and the world some good . dont know about zen meditation.

  • IF you can reach a meditative state quickly… I would think (No data to back this up) you could reap the majority of the benefits in probably 20 minutes a day.

    At least that seems to be the sweet spot for me. (Mindful meditation)

  • The time you spend varies on how good you are doing it but it takes a very long time of practice and experience you will not get any benefits for one day or two.

    if you are starting a good practice is to block out all distractions and solely focus on your breath going in and out

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