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How many meds can you put on at one time?

Im 13 suffer from depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, insomnia and migraines with auras. will they put me one like 5 different meds at the same time or give me only a few? and what kind of meds will the prescribe? is it healthy to be put on so many meds at the same time?


  1. Get out and exercise. This will help you more than anything. I have had everything you write you have, and been on most meds that only made me feel weird. Exercise is the best medicine there is.

  2. The good news is those conditions are probably all related, it’s possible that one medication will help all of those problems. The bad news is that your doctor might have trouble finding the problem.
    Its probably not healthy to be on a bunch of medications at the same time, but it’s probably healthier than what you’re going through right now.

  3. Drug interaction is the most important issue. Your Docs will have to cross reference ALL the meds you are taking for your disorders. Healthy? Healthier than not. Good luck.

  4. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, I think your parents just haven’t beaten enough normality into you. Too many people are on too many medications these days. It’s not wonder so many kids are horribly warped and crack and shoot classmates. Get a hobby, learn that life isn’t so bad and people aren’t that scary, you’re 13 you can’t even define disorder, eat something, if you cant’ sleep at 13 that’s ridiculous, you’re an evolutionary disaster. Can you say Anna Nicole Smith?

  5. well SSRIs , a type of anti-depressant would be good for depression and anxiety
    benzodiazeplne such as Ativan would help with the insomnia and anxiety
    Imitrex could be used for the Migraines
    There are no long term drugs available for eating disorders that I know of (Im a pharmacist) …there are anorexients suck as ionamin but no doctor would put you on those at 13 especially with the paxil and lorazepam
    Best bet though is always ask your doctor ,but you wouldn’t need a myriad of drugs to treat these things generally

  6. I take 15 different medications a day.
    I have to be careful to notify my psychiatrist and my physician when one or the other changes my medicine
    I also have blood drawn to check my systems every three months

  7. Because you’re 13, any good doctor will probably start with a low dose of just one or two medications and ease you into it. Your symptoms sound like they all stem from depression, so an antidepressant will be the first thing they try (likely a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, or SSRI). They might also send you home with some pain medication for your migraines, if the doctor thinks it’s unlikely to be treated by the SSRI directly. It might be that an antidepressant will reduce your stress level enough that you won’t have migraines any more.
    If they decide to put you on more than one medication, don’t panic. I have a friend who is on no less than six different medications, five related to depression. Sometimes a mix can help a lot more than just one specific drug. While it means more side effects, and it can be hard on your liver, it’s a lot better than what the eating disorder and depression are doing to you.
    As someone who’s been through some pretty heavy depression, my best advice to you is to make sure that you really need to take any drugs they give you, but once you leave the doctor’s office, make sure you take them. And remember that therapy is the best way to actually “fix” depression, even though it’s a lot more work than taking pills every day. I took meds for four years, and recently my therapy’s been going well enough that my doctor agreed to taper off my dosage to nothing. You can get through this, my best wishes are with you.

  8. First of all I’M NOT A DOCTOR, but I happen to be a pharmacy technician. A doctor may put you on several different meds, but I doubt it will be five. They may give you one drug to treat both your anxiety and depression since often times those two go hand in hand. And being anxious could quite possibly be causing your insomnia, so treating your depression and anxiety could cure your insomnia. Also, some drugs used to treat depression and anxiety may make you sleepy. Your migraines and eating disorder also may be caused by your depression and anxiety.
    When we are feeling anxious, we often times lose our desire to eat and sleep because we are having difficulty focusing on anything other than what is causing us to be anxious. The doctor will likely focus on the depression/anxiety and see if that helps you in the other areas.
    However, if your eating disorder is one other than losing your appetite and not eating, or something that has been going on for awhile, you will likely need counseling to treat it, not just medication. Good luck to you and remember that God can cure anything.

  9. Id just say listen to Owen He has a good answer.Forget about answers like “just exercise and eat right” obviously they have no clue of what you are going through and how to treat serious disorders. Just take the first step and try to get better You will have some trial and error to get the right medcines but dont give up before you even try. Everyone reacts differently to different medicines so it will be individualized dont listen to people who have no professional qualifications or know anything about you if they try to convince you you shouldn’t get the treatment Without treatment you will not get better so go for it.

  10. i am currently taking 5 meds..cymbalta,topamax,klonopin,restoril and lamictal.they are my psych meds i also take blood pressure pill atacand and diabetic pill glucophage so 7 pills


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