• Essenes of Mandukya Upanishad – four levels of consciousness, with respect to “Om” and ego are given below –

    1. Wake (Jagrat) state, where full ego gets identified with gross material body and karma comes into play, because “I” becomes doer and enjoyer. This is A of AUM.

    2. Dream sleep (Swapana) state, partial ego gets identified with casual body and subtle body. No doer and only enjoyer remains. This is U of AUM.

    3. Deep sleep (Shusupti) state (no dreams), dormant ego gets identified with casual body and there is neither a doer nor enjoyer. Maximum peace without senses and mind, with no concept of time, space and unit. This is M of AUM.

    4. Fourth stage (Turiya) stage means total absorption. This state is whole and encompasses all the above three states. It is transcendental, non-dual and supreme bliss. This is full-stop (like a post vibrations and resonance) after AUM.

    Each state exists, but negates others experience and objects. For example dream-thirst cannot be quenched with real water. Though deep sleep experience is without mind and senses, but joy of deep sleep is incomparable to sensual pleasure. In deep sleep, ego is dormant, but still there is an experience-r (Separated Consciousness) other than ego. After deep sleep is over, one wakes up, gets associated with ego – again manifests duality and the Universe.

  • Infinite. There are degrees of consciousness, depending on how much you are conscious of simultaneously, how ‘high’ you are, how big your ‘overview’ is, how many of your synapses are firing simultaneously – when jesus talked of when your eye is single and your body full of light, he was refering to a pretty high level of simultaneous synaptic firing

    researching and ruminating a page of finnegans wake is a great way of getting those synapses firing – the great darkness of the puzzle arouses the subconscious, the ‘memory greater than our memory’ [ = mnemosyne, mother of the muses] [ the muses = the arts and sciences, thinking, learning, knowledge, wisdom, insight, ideas, inventiveness, creativity] – the treasure hunt of researching and ruminating is lots of fun, ‘alivening’ – see my second finnegans wake book at nigel.orcon.net.nz for explanation –

  • The human mind has divided conscious awareness into many “levels”. I prefer to see consciousness as an ever expanding awareness of what is. The word “levels” is misleading and causes a great misunderstanding in how consciousness moves through life. This is an example of the divisiveness of the human mind. In our attempt to “understand” the universe the human mind continually divides what is into separate and unworkable pieces. We do not necessarily progress through levels as if climbing a ladder leaving the lower steps behind as we climb. The expansion of conscious awareness is more like the Blob from the old horror movies. It is ever expanding enveloping more and more of what is real as it expands. It never leaves the “lower levels” behind but continually uses all of what it is to absorb more of what is within reach. Of course, instead of destroying what it consumes conscious awareness adds depth to everything it envelops.
    Even this picture is not quite true, as we are all already whole, complete without any need to expand. It is only while experiencing the limits of human existence that we are driven to expand awareness.
    There are as many levels as the human mind wants to make up.

  • The main chakras of the human ‘energy anatomy’ would comprise at least 7 levels eg base, crown. Chakras themselves are interpenetrated by energy ‘bodies’ eg etheric, mental.

  • Jayarama is right: Waking,Dreaming and sleeping are the three state of consciousness we all undergo routinely in a 24 hours a day’s cycle and during meditation and/or in “peak experiences” we get into fourth state of consciousness called turiya that is qualitatively different from the other three states wherein there is deep rest/relaxation even more than in the restful sleep and yet there is intense alertness too(hence some physiologist called ‘paradoxical state’).

    Spiritual Scholars also speak of Individual Consciousness,Social Consciousness,Universal Consciousness,Cosmic Consciousness and God Consciousness.

    Sigmund Freud distinguished three: Consciousness referring to all that we aware of in any given time/place,Pre-(Fore-) Consciousness in which we are not aware but can bring to awareness with little effort(like in momentary forgetting) and Unconsciousness referring to those that we can never be aware of except in special circumstances like through Psychoanalysis. Carl Jung adds the fourth one to Freud’s: Collective Unconsciousness referring to the inherited awareness of the human race as a whole of all time.

    Fourth consciousness and onward signifies our spiritual growth when we start operating from that level that is characterised by peace,harmony and happiness.

  • Wow, I get a chance to take the side of those who do not follow a religion except “Science” for once, I am truely Honored!

    From several different books & web sights I have compiled the following chart:

    The “Brain Wave” Frequency Chart
    0.05 – 4Hz. Delta or Deep Sleep
    004 – 7Hz. Theta or Normal Dream Sleep
    008 – 12Hz. Alpha or Light Sleep
    013 – 30Hz. Beta or waking rhythm
    030 – 100Hz. I need my coffee OR ELSE! Dancing to Rock Music?
    100 – 400Hz. Normal activity, usually around 250 Hz.
    400 – 800Hz. Psychic and healing abilities. Listening to Mozart?
    800 – 900Hz. Channel other world information.
    900Hz. and above are termed “Mystical Personalities” by
    Professor Valerie Hunt of UCLA.

    Using a technique, developed by the founder of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, we can bring both hemispheres of the brain into any synchronized operating frequency of our choice! The real beauty of this process is that it happens in seconds. Mr. Bob Monroe dubbed his discovery “Hemi-Sync.” This extremely powerful technique is really simple to implement to our test subjects, once you know what frequency you want their brains to operate at. “Hemi-Sync.” requires Stereo headphones playing different frequencies for each ear. The difference between these frequencies forms a beat that the brain will conform to in short order!

    The idea of linking the two hemispheres together and relaxing the body for learning is not new. As a matter of fact, that’s the goal of many meditation techniques from religions across the globe, in the forms of prayers, chants, and mantras. Can you remember hearing a good brass band and not being greatly stimulated by the sounds, either one way or the other? Certain special kinds of music hold a key to joining the left & right brains into a data sponge mode, thousands of times more receptive than either side alone can ever be!

    Could it be that the difference between the classes is as simple as the music they listen to? One type makes followers, while another leaders? Does “Rich Dad” listen to Classical music, while “Poor Dad” listens to Rock & Roll? Talk about my invalidating someone’s entire existence! Well, at least now we know for a fact where our Rebels without a Clue come from! What a cultural paradigm shift this could trigger… but it won’t. Go figure!

    Deep relaxation, with an induced alpha or theta mindset, is the goal of every fast or instantaneous teaching technique I’ve researched in the last twenty years! I submit a hypothesis: That deep relaxation provides a direct link to the subconscious mind. This theory explains why programmed instructions, (repeating each concept 4-10 times) used in some public school systems, are so effective. They use the repetition of the concept to breach the border between the conscious and subconscious mind. The truly pathetic part of this technique is that less than 40% of the students have the proper character traits not to become bored with that repetition! Even worse is the fact that students are not taught how to recall the information from the subconscious once it gets there!

    Let’s discuss The Power of Miracles everyone is born with, but few ever learn how to use, or how to control in their daily lives. I don’t care if you believe in a Divine Power or if you believe in the Super Conscious; your prayers have got to go to the Subconscious to be answered. God Answers All Prayers, and sometimes the answer is NO… My personal religious convictions are non-judgmental to the point where all I care about is if you have something to believe in! Most prayers arrive at the Subconscious through repetition of the prayer. From there BOTH the Divine Powers of the Multi-verse and the Super Conscious combine to bring about that Miracle you prayed for in the first place. A Deity has control of the on/off switch to your Super Conscious should you choose to believe that way.

    Looking at The Power of Miracles this way is the only way I can explain the Placebo Effect. This is where sugar pills are given in a double blind drug test, and yet 10%-60% of the people given the sugar pills are healed just as well as those who were taking the drugs being tested in the first place. This holds exceptionally true if they are testing any kind of a pain medication. The test subjects have replaced the Divine with the doctor that gave them the pill. Interesting at first glance, but this is essential if we are to understand how some people use their power of miracles backwards to harm themselves and others.

    Here are 6 of the 7 Chakras; you’ll need to find the Crown Chakra information yourself.

    Chakra…….. Keynote.. frequency.. color
    Base spine….. C………… 267.2…… red
    Below navel…. D………… 291.1…… orange
    Solar plexus…. E………… 329.1…… yellow
    Heart……………. F………… 349.2…… green
    Throat………….. G………… 392……… blue
    3rd eye………… B………… 423……… violet

    Just for general information the heart Chakra is right before a duct-less gland known as the Thymus. Many believe this gland that shuts down and shrinks whenever adrenalin is pumped into the bloodstream (Stressed out!), controls the body’s ability to fight cancer. In Eastern Medicines & most of their Martial Arts, this area is known as The Cauldron of the Heart. This is where they draw “Chi” energies to, from breathing and other exercises, for their great inner strength and healing powers. Our western medical doctors are taught that this is a useless gland, just like the appendix. Oh, wait a minute, there is a job for the appendix after all, to reintroduce the required bacteria to the digestive track after an acute case of diarrhea or dysentery. How about those operations to remove children’s tonsils they just don’t seem to be performing any more? Could it be that those few case studies were wrong after all? How about those 3 or 4 cultures that don’t have any heart or stroke problems because of their diet of Garlic & Onions or Cayenne & Ginger? (That is, until they’ve eaten American foods with no trace vitamins or minerals for a few years!)



  • There are four states of consciousness called Avastas in vedic knowledge.

    1) jagrat, the waking state;
    2) svapna, the dream state; astral consciousness
    3) sushupti, the state of dreamless sleep; and, highest, subsuperconsciousness,
    4) the turiya, consciousness on interior planes.

    You can overcome these states by enchanting aum kara

    Akara overcomes Jagrat
    Ukara overcomes svapna
    Makara overcomes sushupti
    Turiya by amatra …-

  • there are 4 dimensions we know of

    time, space, flat and depth

    have you seen the new ultrasound machine? The one where the baby is sort of brownish, Thats in 4D. Its 3D and moving in time, unlike old ultrasounds where its a flat picture

  • well i think there are only three levels of consciousness, the time when you are awake, the time when you are asleep, and the time whne you are influence by some sort of meditation…

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