How many hours Gautama Buddha sleep per day?

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I heard that he sleep 3 hours per day when he was alive.

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Dr. Socks

Maybe that would explain the delusions of greatness


That could be, I don’t know. But Dr Socks, the Buddha had delusions of greatness at all, unlike the ‘son of god’


That sounds right.
A saint is a very dynamic type of person, but their physiology is so well balanced that they do not spend much energy to get things done. So I think you might have the right number.
And they would have a different kind of “sleep” than the average person as well.


God’s wont sleep re

manna eater

Sounds right. But remember also that he remained conscious during all of those hours.


Only common people needs eight hours of sleep, and those people that meditate or have no delusion or having very little thoughts required little sleep.
Most people having so much going on in their brains, and so many garbage thoughts, dreams and desires at all time, so their brains is like an overworked laborer, need theirs rest.
When someone as pure as Buddha, his mind had no wasted thoughts, therefore no energy exertion, the brain required less rest.
Three hours to four hours of deep sleep is all the brain need to rest. Ask any sleep scientists and they can verify this fact. Out of eight hours of sleep over 70% are used to reshuffle ones daily thoughts and experiences and also their stupid dreams; the actually rest time for the brain is about two to three hours a night.
Even my old Tai Chi teacher, he told me once he only need four hours of sleep a night, and he taught Chemistry at a community college at the time, while he was operating a Tai Chi school hours from 2pm to 10 pm every day.
Myself has been surviving by sleeping between three to five hours a day for past ten years, every so often I allow myself to sleep more than 7 hours, but that is like when I only took two hours rest several days in a row, or sleep so little that I need to make up the lost sleep. May be once or twice every two or three months I sleep eight hours in row for a day or two. and I have a very serious case of sleep Apnea.
Human capacity is greater than most of you think, are you living up to your maximum potential?


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