Home Discussion Forum How many here experienced God consciousness and how did it feel like?

How many here experienced God consciousness and how did it feel like?


  1. I experience God consciousness when I smoke pot. It’s kind of a tingly sensation, coupled with a sensation of ultimate awareness and understanding. You’d like it…

  2. I think the closest thing we can get to a “God Consciousness” is called revelation and we get to understand something A little like God understands it but not until we die will we know ALL that God knows, when we become a spirit like Him.

  3. one time, it was like being inside a house, all secure and at peace while the storm for all its raging outside was unable to effect me.

    another time, it was uproarious joy and laughter like i’d never known before.

  4. I have. It was a feeling of being part of a vast network of life and love that fills the entire universe. Simultaneously big because you’re part of this enormous life force and small because you’re only a small part of it. It’s a very joyful and spiritual feeling.
    Interestingly, you can have the same experience whether you believe in any supernatural invisible being or not. After all, we – and everything else – are all “star-stuff”

  5. The consciousness of the holy God in heaven is pure and unblemished, love without hatred, forgiving without vengence, peace and not discontentment, happy and never sad, good and never bad. Know of a “RELIGION” that teaches these very same traits of the Father in heaven? Onlly “Jesus” taught of this Father, and no one ELSE has SINCE……………


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