How many heard about John Travolta's church scientology not believing in psychiatrists and their medication?

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If one is schizophrenic and does not go to a psychiatrist and get medications he/she can not function at all. Most would end up on the street or worse. So, what does the church of Scientology do about problems like this, ignore them? Does anybody know? Praying does not make it go away.

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The Reverend Soleil

They have Tom Cruise come over and jump around on your couch.

Andrew K

There’s several cases of Scientologists depriving patients of medications that have directly led to their death, as well as cases of them denying schizophrenics medications that have led to the deaths of others.
I think you can find testimonials at

Atom74, the sexiest SFCU

It’s not the prayer they think cures craziness. They just think that modern medicine is, well, evil. And I sort of agree, generally speaking. But you can’t be a Scientologist if you have taken drugs, of any sort, period. It is just one of their quirks.

rac <

Yup, but they grow rich by convincing people with problems to go to their counsellors instead of proper doctors, so they preach against psychiatrists. So what if a few people take a gun to their head as a result?


Same as an alcoholic isn’t it? Without a drink in them, they shake and flutter all over the place. All they need is a drink and they can function. Heroin addicts too. Absolutely useless without at least one good shot of heroin each day. I can’t see any difference myself.
The truth is that drugs don’t make it go away either. They destroy lives no matter who their dealer is.

Ken E

The history behind this comes from L Ron Hubbard’s turgid tome “Dianetics” in which he stole a little from here, a little from there. He took a fair bit from Sigmund Freud’s theories, but dumbed them down for public consumption.
When this book came out, psychiatrists saw through it, saw it was mostly nonsense and said so. That did not endear them to L Ron Hubbard who was down on them to the end of his life since they were among the first to call him on his lies.
Schizophrenia, which is a collective term for a number of illnesses, is probably due in most cases to biochemical problems in the central nervous system, not due to habits of thought.
You can find out a lot about L. Ron’s dubious career before “Dianetics” on the net at the “bare faced Messiah” site. Be prepared for magick and malingering, not to mention misappropriation of money.


I know! Like someone here said some mental illnesses like schizophrenia are biochemical problems. They stem from neurons in the brain not functioning correctly. How is that any different from cancer. Even some types of depression can be treated only with the help of antidepressants. Mental illness isn’t a “state of mind”, it is an actually illness. It’s like telling someone with diabetes to “will” themselves to get better and forgo the insulin shots.
I personally someone who is married with a woman with schizophrenia, and believe me she really was a different person when she thought she was able to “pray it away”. She started to hear voices, acting really violent and got arrested for public disturbances. Thank God she didn’t kill or hurt anyone, but even now she believes she doesn’t need the meds because of what people were saying (some were telling her that she just had to “will “it away). But her husband has conservationship of her, she is monitored by a local hospital (check her blood and see if the medication is still working).
This way of thinking is really putting not only those in sickness in danger but the public as well.


I want to disagree with the comment Atom 74 made which is that you can’t join if you have taken drugs. Maybe I am misunderstanding his comment though. Here is what I know. T


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