How many gods have you prayed to?

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Were there drastically different results?
How many religious experiences* have you attempted to cultivate?
((*for example — Nirvana In Buddhism, Satori in Mahayana Buddhism, Te in Taoism, absorption in God’s light in Chassidic schools of Judaism, Henosis in Neoplatonism, Theosis or feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, Irfan and fitra in Islam, Samadhi or Svarupa-Avirbhava in Hinduism))
which one?

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the One


Just the Porcelain god.



Jeff S

I pray to a “generic” God. I think at Coscto that God is called “Kirkland,’ but i digress.
I pray to “whatever god or gods may be” and hope that if there are more than one, the one who is most interested in helping me intercepts that prayer. its like a big game of “500” when i pray. someone throws up a football and yells 100 and the gods all try to catch the ball for 100 points.


There are about 350 or so Celtic Gods and Goddesses. I pray mostly to the Irish ones

How Soon is Now?

Christian God
and Eleanna v
Oh yes, my current God has given me great results.

Eleanna A

Only one^
Yes,the results were great.


I think they’re all part of the same thing…
I’ve only ever prayed Jewishly.


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