Home Discussion Forum How many Elephants in a blade of grass?

How many Elephants in a blade of grass?

aparantly this is a koan and koans can help people to reach satori, which sounds really cool, What’s your opinion?
I think there is an infinite, unmeasurable and ever changing number of elephants in every blade of grass.
“koans” are endless and unsolvable puzzles, given to trainee zen buddists to get them past the stage of rational thinking and into intuitive thinking, near an undescribable stage called “satori”


  1. Well I just picked a blade of grass and there were no elephants in it. Then I picked another and there were two elephants. So I guess the answer is, it varies.

  2. True,there is a species of grass called Elephant
    grass in Africa that is higher than them.
    So too me your question has a ring of truth.

  3. Yes, like this one:
    What is the sound of one hand clapping?
    “There is no sound, and if you seek to discover the sound, you have to accept that there is nothing. If you can accept the nothingness, then you have freed yourself from the need to intellectualize experience, and are free to be aware of existence.”*
    *author unknown
    So, to me, both elephants and blades of grass exist. We can see them and touch them. However, we can only picture them as co-occupying the same terrestrial space through intuition and imagination, rather than discerning that anomaly through the prism of reality.


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