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How many elemental chakra types can kakashi use?

I hear that jounin at most can use only 2 or 3 but i’ve seen kakashi use 4 (the only element he hasn’t used is wind but he may be able to use it) i’m not even sure if a hokage can do that. How does he do that?
But since elemental ninjutsu is based on your chakra type even if he can copy it with his sharingan he shouldn’t be able to perform techniques that he doesn’t have the right type of chakra for, how then does he execute all of them?


  1. kakashi is a copy nin. He can copy other people’s techniques because of his sharingan regardless of it’s elemental type (I think)
    I haven’t seen him use the wood element though……

  2. I think his original chakra was lightning. He can use any chakra generally, as can any ninja. All ninjas have the potentail to use whatever chakra they want, it’s just a matter of how well they use it.

  3. He can most likely copy all of the basic five elements with his Sharingan. He has used most of the elements before part from a couple, wind being one of them I think. But as Kakashi has stated before its not uncommon for a jounin to be able to use more than 1 elemental types.
    He cannot copy higher level jutsus such as Wood or Haku’s Ice as there Bloodline limits and are used by mixing two chakara types that the user is compatible with together..
    Wood – Earth and Water.
    Ice – Water and Wind.
    Chances are he can mostly likely use basic attacks of all the elements due to sharingan, Only use high level attacks that he has a natural affinity for.

  4. he can use all
    the sharingan is a copy wheel eye
    it copies any jutsu it can see
    but when you try to execute the technique you copy, it consumes more chakra than the original.
    the only thing it can’t copy are bloodline limits.
    that’s why he can’t manipulate chakra combinations
    but stll kakashi can use all


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