Home Discussion Forum How many different levels of consciousness do you think there are?

How many different levels of consciousness do you think there are?


  1. There are as many different levels of consciousness as there are stars in the sky.
    One level is reached, but there is always another level beyond it, and another level beyond that.
    Or so it seems ….

  2. There is just one . One only . In the perception of this one single consciousness there are differences .
    Just as we all have a pair of eyes starting with equal power of vision so is our consciousness. As times go by and changes take place with the eye our perception of this consciousness is also changing . But the truth is that consciousness is changeless.. We donot need an external physical eye to see this . the inner eye can visualise this truth.

  3. ‘Fascinating.
    The levels proceed extant beyond that of even thought, for to ‘think’ the number at once is to frame, to limit; and like with a sweep of the hands endeavors to send infinity off somewhere and away, remanding it to somewhat human.
    Too, stars have their limit by reason of the nature of matter, energy, space, and time, and are but a referendum on physical and spirito-physical things and in accord with some order of thinking, which is no less part of the domain that created thought itself. And so stars are an expedient metaphor that Consciousness affords us with, at least till we come equipped better and later. Consciousness certainly by any devices or means mental, which is to say by the order of thought itself, is constrained already because thinking speaks to turns on fancy, for the levels of consciousness far exceed the number of stars and anything conceivable by mind, that even a God and Its domain could not summon forth sufficient expanse to allow Consciousness the freedoms to be or not be, and of which stars are but temporal inhabitants; somewhat are they little notions compared to the might and power wielded by just one soul and its consciousness. But for the now, we shall let them be. Stars, therefore, have their limit whereas consciousness does not.
    We cannot while encased and tethered to anything coarse — to even a heaven — approach consciousness with thought, yet we are of that selfsame substance and ether and origin as is consciousness itself — which speaks infinitely again about just how vast and mighty the essence of each individual truly is. In the ‘mean’ time, while here as dwellers in the Lessers, let us fancy it all till later when comes time to proceed with that permanent change of station, which usually requires of each of us millions the years of honing and tempering.
    But — there are not few dwelling here who have arrived at that embarcation point already and walk among us; of them, they bide their time: and to do this requires again an especial consciousness — has to be so; for who else could bear the dross here if he or she were not already of great merit?
    Consciousness is molten potential, potential untapped and thus just is outright. We cannot number it.

  4. I think only one, if one is awake. One either is, or isn’t. Perhaps if one is asleep, that’s a different level of consciousness. But I believe the greatest variation lie in awareness, which I’d perhaps call the volume and range of consciousness. The two shouldn’t be confused. A lot of people are conscious but unaware. And they breed, and vote! But of course, it’s difficult to be aware of what one isn’t aware of. That’s why constant inquiry, and critical thought, is essential. It expands experience, which expands awareness, which expands consciousness, which I see as the substance of life itself. Although of course a worm might be conscious but have limited experience and awareness (including some not shared by humans). Wot fun.

  5. Myriad
    Human consciousness is a vast horizon of potential cirmcumstance or situation. This is a phenomenal realm complex and simplistic potential.

  6. I am going to say that there is consciousness which has many facets that are unmeasurable and there is unconsciousness which also has unmeasurable facets. Both states can be mastered if we allow ourselves awareness.

  7. There are seven states of consciousness available. Most live out their lives in three of them…waking, dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness. Because of humankinds sleep they have not kept up with the evaluation of creation. We all should be in the fourth state cosmic consciousness. Cosmic means all inclusive. Experiencing the fourth state is to remain alert and awake in the other first three states of consciousness.
    I am here to tell you I remain in a state of wakeful-alertness 24/7. Not quite right but is is like standing aloft in all other three states of consciousness. In the waking state I do not lose myself in the object of experience. I have dreams but not involved; like watching a movie. In deep sleep I am awareness while the nervous system has complete rest. I can offer no more descriptions of this state of consciousness except to say the description is not the described. The feeling is like climbing up a mountain; the further you climb the further you see.

  8. lol. Who gets to ‘define’ the levels?
    And even if you’ve do objectively define all you are aware of, how do you know there aren’t more you haven’t reached?
    That said there seem to be 3
    Self Awareness
    Self Analysis
    The first is simple emotional reaction. (Anger)
    The second is the awareness of the first, a sense of self. (I am angry)
    The third is an objective observation of the consciousness in progress.
    (E.g. “I am getting angry. Should I be? Is this person trying to evoke this response & why?)
    There is also biological & sub consciousness. E.g. the Instinctual process that releases adrenaline, or the logical analysis that happens during sleep.

  9. There are several levels actually: shame, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger! ;–)

  10. There are two
    1. Conscious
    2. Unconcious
    Anyone who answers 1 is an idiot
    Anyone who answers more than 2 is a hippie


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