Home Discussion Forum How many Christians are familiar with Taoism?

How many Christians are familiar with Taoism?

Do they realize that when Christ returned from the East, the essence of his ‘teachings’ were Taoist?
How did his ‘teachings’ ‘inspire’ the creation of churches, the creation of popes, the waging of wars, the use of his name to advance in politics?
Can anybody seriously believe that Christ would approve of any of these things?
Wow, I guess some people only use the bible as a reference.
Pretty open-minded, huh?
Foxtrot, your link apparently understands nothing of Taoism, and neither do you….it’s okay though, I can only hope to understand it someday.


  1. Do you realize the flaws in your question?
    The main one? “Do you realize when Chrsit returned to from the east”? Jesus never traveled to the “East”.
    Also, the essence of his teaching are that there is a father in the heavens, whereas in Taoism there is no reference to a god.
    In Taoism there is no meaning to death. In Christianity there is much meaning.
    I could go on, but the simple overview is your claims are seriously flawed.

  2. I know nothing of Taoism, but much about Jesus Christ. He was not a Taoist. Taoism may take some of it’s teachings from what Jesus taught, as many religions do, but that doesn’t make them right.

  3. I can honestly say I don’t think Christ wanted to have his name out there; I think it is written, I can’t recall. He came to deliever a msg, no one wanted to listen. However, I agree his teachings might have come from the east. I have not heard of Taoism being involved, good chance though, but I believe Hinduism contributed more so.
    **Edit** why do people ALWAYS assume people “stole” teachings from Jesus? You know people existed long before him and so did other religions and beliefs, right? Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. Jesus was a smart man because he did not criticize anyone, but took teachings from others to bring back to teach his people. He educated himself. Some of his followers should try it sometime. -_-

  4. I find it ridiculous that some who admit knowing nothing about X, claim that their Jesus was not a follower of X. Then they go on about how X may have taken teachings from their Jesus, when they do not realize that X predated their Jesus by several centuries.

  5. I was raised Christian (Catholic) and have studied Taoism. Taoism preaches simplicity in living and “being like water.” While I don’t know for certain that Christ’s teachings are Taoist in nature – in fact, he may have based some of His teachings on Hinduism – it does make sense that He would be disgusted by what happens today in His Name.


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