How many calories does 30 minutes of yoga burn?

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Im 5’7″ and 210 lbs. I don’t normally work out, and i am trying to get fit a little at a time. How many calories will i burn doing 30 minutes of yoga? I have been doing yoga for about 8 weeks, 5 times a week, and i have lost a little weight.


  1. yoga is very useful for your health and mind some people use hatha yoga for loosing weight… its a long process but its very effective.

  2. It completely depends on the type of yoga you are doing. I found a web page that lists approximate calories burned for different types of yoga, so am supplying you that link:
    Keep in mind that if you do want to burn calories, then you should employ some type of cardio into your workout. While calorie burning is not high on the list of benefits from yoga, there are many more benefits above and beyond that, as I’m sure you are noticing as you continue your practice. Keep up the yoga just as you are doing, but maybe start employing a 15 minute run each day, or every other day, or some other vigorous exercise that gets and keeps your heart rate up and your body sweating. Yoga is an awesome way to get fit, as well, though, as you begin to feel better, drink more water, eat less junk, and make healthier food choices.
    Good for you, keep it up!


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