Home Discussion Forum How many calories does 20 mins of yoga burn?

How many calories does 20 mins of yoga burn?

How many calories can I burn doing yoga for 20 min?
Should I double the video to make it forty minutes?


  1. Not very much. because your heart rate doen’t increase so much, and you don’t feel tired after. but it obviously does burn calories.
    pilates is much better(if you want to burn more calories, and work your muscles)

  2. Not very much, continuous moderate excersize for about 25-30 minutes is what will only START to burn calories, but after that they go fast:)

  3. It depends on how much you weigh; the more you weigh the more calories you’ll burn. But on average, if you weigh 60kgs it’ll be 95.

  4. Depends what type of yoga it is. Ashtanga and vinyasa types of yoga will get your heart rate up, while restorative and some other types will not. I suggest finding a studio where you can learn some different types of yoga until you find what you like the best. A live teacher is invaluable in yoga, making sure your alignment is right and that you don’t hurt yourself. Yoga has so many other benefits than calorie-burning, too.

  5. how many calories are expended during exercise depends on the amount of muscle mass that the person has, the intensity of exercise and the duration. yoga is low intensity so it does not burn a lot of calories but is obviously very healthy for many reasons. you could surely do the video 2x or do it once in the am and again 6-8 hours later on in the day.


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