• I completely agree with reincarnated or our consciousness/soul collecting back together as one as it was before consciousness was viewed as something separate.like cosmic consciousness as the first Essence/existence/energy that existed and returning to the feelings of complete that we are absent of.

  • I believe in a form of reincarnation, where we choose to come here to learn and experience. I don’t believe we have to pay for ‘sins’ committed in a previous life, though. Any ‘Karmic Debt’ we incur in this life, we pay for in this life. I do not believe that God makes us come back, but it is a choice we make on our own. I also believe that the evil people recycle, more than reincarnate in that they come right back in to life without resting and reflecting on what they learned. Their purpose is to provide challenges and road blocks for the rest of us.

  • I do. Though I also believe that each soul takes it’s own path, that is, that they can move on to another plane, stay in this one as a free spirit, or reincarnate.

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