Home Discussion Forum How many believe in ESP (extra sensory perception)?

How many believe in ESP (extra sensory perception)?

This is more of a vote just curious on how many people believe in ESP or even in any form of extra insight gained by animals and/or plants?


  1. i watched a show on the history channel talking about declassified files that were about a guy during the cold war or somethingt hat could remote view…. its real

  2. Nope. There has never been any substantiated case of ESP being real. Not when you stop people from cheating, that is. Science studied it for a long time and finally gave up, admitting there was nothing there.
    The US gov’t did indeed waste tax money on remote viewing for many years. Unfortunately, it was one of those things that never worked. Otherwise we’d know where Osama was. Think of it that way. If it really works, how come there’s so much we don’t know?

  3. The human brain and the thoughts it creates are contained within the skull. The brain neither transmits nor receives information. There is no parallel universe which our thoughts are plugged into.
    If ESP exists demonstrate it. If ESP exists explain how it works. No one is able to get anywhere beyond a theoretical–and unsubstantiated–New Age description that relies more on magical and wishful thinking than it does on anything here on planet Earth.
    Why is it so many people are strongly convinced that something that has no proof and has never been demonstrated exists?

  4. I guess I do. I think maybe thoughts are hangin’ around in the air or something. I don’t know what makes it happen. It’ll happen with almost everybody…but some more than others. I guess there’s no way someone could know they had ESP unless there was someone on the other end to confirm it…that it happened. If you were reading someone’s thought and that person never said a word..how would you know that you had really read their thoughts? That’s why I think they need to tell you.But then sometimes when people get this confirmed…they go around thinking that whatever comes into their head is coming from the other person…when it could be their own thoughts or the thoughts of spirits . I can’t stand people that every time you say something they respond with “I know”. BS!!
    EDIT…I think the reason skeptics won’t believe it happens is because they think it should happen EVERY time…or when they “demand” it to happen. I think people don’t have “control” over it.

  5. Yes, based on the evidence. To once again correct the misinformation posted by YA debunkers let me provide links below that provide evidence for the existence of (and continued study of) ESP. Remote Viewing that the government sponsored was evaluated by Jessica Utts (link below) who concluded “Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted. Effects of similar magnitude to those found in government-sponsored research at SRI and SAIC have been replicated at a number of laboratories across the world. Such consistency cannot be readily explained by claims of flaws or fraud. (link below)
    Even skeptic Ray Hyman has stated “Hyman, in 1991 [20] commenting upon a presentation of these results by the statistician, Utts [12], concluded that “Honorton’s experiments have produced intriguing results. If, as Utts suggests, independent laboratories can produce similar results with the same relationships and with the same attention to rigorous methodology, then parapsychology may indeed have finally captured its elusive quarry.” (p. 392) (link below).
    His retreat to arguing on theoretical grounds
    “Obviously, I do not believe that the contemporary findings of parapsychology, […] justify concluding that anomalous mental phenomena have been proven. […] [A]cceptable evidence for the presence of anomalous cognition must be based on a positive theory that tells us when psi should and should not be present. Until we have such a theory, the claim that anomalous cognition has been demonstrated is empty.[…] I want to state that I believe that the SAIC experiments as well as the contemporary ganzfeld experiments display methodological and statistical sophistication well above previous parapsychological research. Despite better controls and careful use of statistical inference, the investigators seem to be getting significant results that do not appear to derive from the more obvious flaws of previous research.[18] (link below) does not dismiss that parapsychologist have provided evidence according to the protocols and criteria that he helped designed.

  6. Actually scientists were involved in the development of remoteviewing protocol. Just about anyone can learn to do it to some extend. Its not scientists as a whole who refuse to acknowledge the repeated evidence it rv, psi can be developed. Its skeptics, no debunkers,people who gort a lot to lose if tthey could be viewed, politicians swindlers, lose power money. Or those whose whole belief systems might be undermined if psi couldnt be denied.
    Psi doesnt work best in labroratories because the repetative boring testing zener ccards ect again again accuracy will fall,
    Google Dean Radin, Russell Targ they are repetuable scientists who are not woo woo goo goo fools or con artists,
    Science has found a physical brain basis for esp in the mirror neurons of the brain, We feel and even Anticipate what anothers intentions feelings are.
    Remote viewing works but it is not an instant 100 percent acess of a target, The data comes in in pieces like a puzzle and one can learn to control and open the apeture (3rd eye) in stages with practice.Itys done blind, no frontloading, the viewer has only a random tartget id number, and does not know what the target is,
    Rv is a very structured protocol for accessing data remotely in time and space, training ones self to interpret data, sensory info including visuals and meaning concepts – a dialogue of sorts between ones subconscios and conscios mind. Natural talent may influence just how good one might be able to get, but practice and more practice is needed to get there too. Anyone who can read write and focus the mind can remote view, And when you prove to your self you are more than the physical by doing so it can be apiritual opening as well.
    As for terrorists or hostagers – it is very difficult to locate anyone that is kept moving every few days, And the terrorists and other foes know thr tricksd of the trade to confuse and distract as well.People like dr doom on coast to coast who swea rto be 100 percent accurate are of the nutcase con artist or disinformation type and do not represent the rest of the rv field
    Some for some rv websites to google for try Paul H Smith, Ingo Swann, Lyn Buchcanan, IRVA, HRVG (hi guild Glen Wheaton, Joeseph Mcmonegel, RVT Remote viewing Techbnology Morehouse. Lots of people teaching and studying and using rv.
    It’s more fun to DO it than argue with folks who actually DO it . How do you know its impossible if you dont try? There’s phoney psychics and rvers as well as good ones. Real scientific method tries things, tests things, doesnt just believe or assume. Debunker science says theres Never enough proof for me to believe.
    i’ll post links if you can’t find, sources mentioned.

  7. I swear on my life that ESP is real. I swear, with a pendulum, I can tell the future by asking myself a yes/no question. Many people will be skeptical of this answer, but the truth is, they will say that because they personally have never experienced it. At a very young age, our brain is programmed to take the information that it is given, and rather than perceiving it immediately, sends it to the unconscious, which tweaks it here and there, creating the experience that you actually do experience. For example, our eyes actually see everything upside down, but our subconscious flips it right side up. We don’t think to ourselves, “All right, now let’s flip it right side up” unless we somehow have mastered control of the unconscious. In the same way, our subconscious mind keeps the extra information, which can be accessed in many different ways. When I demonstrate my ESP, many people say, “You’re moving your hand,” but then how could I possibly always be right? This is some quality proof.
    All people had some form of ESP at birth, but at about the same time that they begin to commit things to memory, we lose that ability. It can be taught again quite easily. Try it for yourself!

  8. I certainly KNOW it exists. I’ve tested it enough to be positive in my beliefs. I no longer allow plants or animals in my living space.

  9. I believe in it only because I’ve experienced it. I don’t believe everyone who claims to have it really does. Lots of times I could chalk up to coincidence, so I don’t give it much thought, but there was one time in my childhood when it was undeniable and involved witnesses. So I do believe, but for me, it is far from being an everyday thing and it’s not something I can control. And it only involves people I am close to.

  10. i do very much so…..
    i had the most unbelievable experience with my partner when we first got together….to this day i still get blown away with it…..
    EDIT very true starrdev i agree 100 percent

  11. It does exist.
    How could beings exist and be in touch with others’
    just by thinking of them.
    Its the sharp person that can tell the difference without
    having an mental illness.

  12. I believe that there a part of the brain that allows us to perceive things that are about to happen. My personal experience attest to that.

  13. I believe in it,
    did you read up about Edgar Cayce?
    I read a book written by a good friend of his and
    it’s interesting because his abilities were used by many entrepreneurs and rich powerful people, somewhat discreetly.
    so if it does exist and it is reliable, I can only believe the elite super wealthy are the ones taking advantage of it.

  14. Yes, I think everyone has this to a certain extent. it is more evolved in some people more than others.


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