How many atheists believe that Christianity evolved from earlier pagan religions and astrology?

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Just out of curiosity

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Pittsburgher -The Ugly Duckling-

Not me. Religions don’t evolve.

Teh Atheati Kitteh King

I would say it evolved from Judaism and is inspire by Ancient Pagan Religions.


It’s not something that takes belief. There is tons of evidence to support it.


Who cares what atheists believe?


I do. I think it’s basically a perverted form of judaism, though I agree with neither the jews nor christians.


I do. And what’s more, Joseph Campbell, noted scholar on the subject, did too.


? I am a christian but I always thought it would be more like out of Judaism and greek thought.


Evolved, no.
Stole ideas/core beliefs from, yes.


I am agnostic and Christianity definitely developed from earlier religions. Satan was an invention to keep the shaky book valid. And when I say valid I mean scare them into it.


I would say that Christianity is a combination of parts of many ancient belief systems, as well as some new information.


I believe it was a mix of that, plus Judaism of course, and a mix of different real and fictional historical characters. I don’t buy what’s in the movie “Zeitgeist”; I don’t see that stuff in any of the research I’ve done on the subject.

Ms. Taurus ¤Blackhoof Buccaneer¤

Evolved, no… but like most it just stems from previous religions and their ideas… It’s all a religion family tree. Didn’t start with the original Christianity and didn’t stop with it either. Christianity’s parent just happens to be Judaism.

sly phy .. evil apricot

What Jared said..


Not evolved, just plagiarized.


I’d say ideas were borrowed from pagans, mostly by Paul.

Daphne the Magic Pillow :-D

I’d say they jacked alot of stuff from the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc. and just sexed it up with all their Jesus talk.
But the first answerer is right. Religions don’t evolve, which is why some people still have the mind set of someone from the 1500’s.

Punky (Irrepressible)

Not evolved, Christians are spiritual scavengers.

10 Cane

I think its a matter of historical fact that we Christians have incorporated quite a bit into our religious culture from the religious traditions of those whom we converted. Pagan Europe, then Aztec/Incan/Mayan America, then Voodoo Africa.
Theologically speaking, its pretty much solely of messianic Jewish theology mixed with Greek philosophy.

Takeshita aka Burlap Sack

i do!
christianity is a bootleg religion
astrology is BS too


Well yahweh is a cannainte god with brothers, sisters, a mother and father. It’s show even in the bible that the jews were worshippin a female entity at the same time as yahew who was supposed to be his… either sister or counerpart, I’m thinking wife. If you’ve ever read the 8 theories of religion it explains different ways these thigns form. I personally believe they start with, trying to explain things they don’t understand, to saying they can control it-magic, to saying you have to please the gods they ultimately make the choice (this evolves becaue the magic people contiounsly fail and people get wise to it), to pleasin multiple gods, to pleasing one god who is an aspect of all before him. They still leave in his will so we’ll never know if he is there or not. He giveth and taketh away. Like saying…who knows what’s going to happen it’s all random…like the rest of the world.
So yes…easily I see this happening. Especially when you look at the other myths of the mesoptamia and the similarities. Most of the stories in the bible have a predecessor in a different religion. I think it’s pretty obvious.


I do 100% Evolved might not be the best word though… I’d say Christianity was stolen from earlier religions and astrology. I know for a fact that all their holidays were.

Robert Abuse

I believe it to be an amalgam of the religions current in the 4th century Roman Empire, plus a few additions.

Ryan B

Evolve is the wrong word. I’d use the word “plagiarize”. The Bible is basically a plagiarism of Astronomy and ancient Egyptian religion.


ermm they didnt evolve.. they just simply stole more then half there ideas and threw in some bs stuff


Not an atheist but from everything I’ve learned that seems to be where a lot of it comes from. That’s the nature of religion- incorporate the old ideas so people won’t freak out about something new coming along.
I believe that’s where the Titans come from in Greek mythology, a group of older ideas that were incorporated (and ultimately overthrown) by the next generation of ideas (the Olympians). There was a wink and a nod in their direction but as you progress farther away from the ‘origins’ story then you hear less about them.
It seems plausible that that is where the idea of Satan and the fallen angels came from. Some early demon iconography has little half goat men with pitch forks which is very similar to the Greek satyr. Dionysus mythos is a dead ringer for Jesus mythos as well if people took the time to look into it a bit. So, in the creation myth have an acknowledgment to the old gods while slowly moving the new ones into power. After enough time has passed then people will accept the new gods with open arms.
One thing the Greeks got right though was that gods come and go in generations. The new ones overthrow the old ones while still conveying mostly the same ideas (it was even foretold in The Olympic pantheon that Zeus would be overthrown by one of his sons, just as his father and grandfather before him). They may not have known it would be Jesus or Moses or Muhammad but they knew it would come in some metaphorical way. Someone will come along and slowly begin to change the modern religion, probably not in our lifetime, but it’ll happen eventually.


Christianity came from its origin but changed by human, may by this change some pagans injected in christianity


ME. Definitely some of the festivals, symbols, and rules have come from pagan religions.


Religions don’t ‘evolve’, but Christianity was definitely copied from older pagan religions. There were several virgin-borne, wisdom-dispensing, miracle-working, crucified, resurrected savior man-gods worshiped before Jesus.

Frou Frou

thats where it did evolve from, that and otherr leigions, such as judaism
astrology, no, i dont think it came from that


I studied anthropology and comparative religion. I know Christianity evolved from other religions.


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