Home Discussion Forum How many astral planes are there according to you?

How many astral planes are there according to you?

I found myself in the most amazing chaotic place last night, it was like a machine of parallel dimensions interconnected to make up the smallest of atom to the bigesst of universe. It’s hard to explian. It was a place where time was circular, linear and non-linear at the same time. I could see my own future past and present and they were connected in a really weird way. Do you have any cool astral experiences to share?


  1. I don’t astro project but am open to the experience someday. Isn’t it said there are 11 dimensions? I have merely scratched the surface of the 4th and 5th.

  2. I’m not overly schooled on the subject, but I would say I’ve only come across two others outside of the conscience.
    You might argue I’ve found unusual and adventurous places as well, but I’ve never seen them as different planes from one another, just different locales upon the same plane.

  3. 7 plains of heaven. 9 gates of hell. dragon plain eastern plain and the plain of zion. there are many astral spirit plains to look at

  4. There are 7 Dimensions on three tiers. Two pairs on the bottom. One pair in the middle with each one existing between the one of the pairs one the bottom. The top tier exists in all dimensions at one time. So there are base dimensions, and the other three exist between them.

  5. “How many astral planes are there according to you?” Too many that I know of.
    “you have any cool astral experiences to share?” I have never left this one, and probably won’t untill after I die. (Sad to say.)


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