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How many are in Disciple level?

Disciple-level is the disgrunteled spiritual searching level of Humanity.
…Others become succesful Businessman, Inventors, Globalists, or Politicians. This level is also the beginning of psychic development:
Studies in aura reading, past lives, yoga, chakras, magick, channeling, remote-viewing become the accepted way of life for the Disciple.
What percentage of the population do you think fits this description?


  1. Four.
    What does “thinking” how many of anyone are anything have to do with facts? Are you looking for facts,?

  2. The word disciple in the Bible is one disciplined in studying Gods Word, but sadly there are far more pew potatoes than those who really study for themselves.

  3. First: I love it when all these wise people teach the ones which have a serious question that their question is totally irrelevant. Thanks, that is helpful.
    To your question: I am not sure that I understand this definition but I try. I guess it really depends on the point of view. First I do not think that “others become…” are excluded from what you define as Disciples. Look at Richard Gere (not that I am a fan), he is successful but also is a (“real”) Buddhist and as such into past lives and yoga etc. I do not think that the spiritual searching is exclusively reserved for any specific group of individuals. Now most people are somehow interested in spiritual issues, a lot research deeper at least in some ways. Does it already count if I attend a yoga class or if I have a book about past life? Do you mean a deeper devotion related to the research of any of the topics you mentioned?
    There are plenty polls related to spirituality of people but I am sure that it is hard to tell (re your definition) what percentage would fit into your definition. And then – as I said, depending on ones point of view – if you count all Buddhist and Hindu people in Asia, you would already have a significant number…
    However you count, in any way, if you ask how many people are seriously interested in any kind of spiritual path (whatever it may be) in order to overcome the boundaries of their limited personality, views, minds etc and to become open minded for nature, humanity etc, I say far too little…
    Sorry that I could not really answer the percentage question but…


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