How many are aware that the Christmas tree is originally pagan?

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In the book of Jeremiah, God specifically tells his people to avoid all aspects of Yule, the decorated tree is mentioned in detail, as it is pagan and thus evil. The majority of modern Christians profess to follow everything in the Bible as what they are to follow as well. So based on that, why do Christians have a Christmas tree if they know if it is pagan? Or do they even realize that is the case? Why if it was not acceptable back then is it perfectly fine today? God himself also said that he does not change ever so that would mean that either he wasn’t telling the truth when he ordered his people to avoid those, or Christians have misinterpreted the Bible.

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Why are all these religious questions so long? The answers as well. I use the Christmas tree in my pagan ceremonies.


So what. Lighten up and have a Merry Christmas.

vincent c

Jeremiah was written before the birth of Christ. the Cross is referaed to as atree in the Bible GET YOUR FACTS,YOUR ONE LINERS OUT OF CONTEXT RIGHT


I knew that! Of course, I AM a Pagan… 😉
But here’s the thing: the concepts celebrated at Christmastime/Yuletide are universal human ideas that everyone shares: celebrating light and life in the darkest, coldest time of the year; celebrating the gifts we give to each other in our lives; togetherness and joy.
This is what it’s really all about, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with celebrating, pagans and non-pagans alike. We’re all just people, after all.

Mike Hawk

Simple, because most christians are pompus jackasses. Most of them have no idea what they believe in and no idea how to live, so they just go along with what the person that “claims” to be closest to god (preacher) would want. Instead of actually living by the bible they would just prefer to pick what parts they want to live by. Many Christians celebrate easter with bunnies and eggs and all that stuff, and that’s all sex related pegan stuff too. Xmas, and Easter are two of the biggest pegan holidays, but don’t think that’s gonna stop some christians from taking them away from the “pegans”. Just think of how many christians you know that walk around judging everyone around them. How many do you know, that harbor all kinds of hate for certain groups that don’t “fit” the norm? The bible actually says that you can’t handle any kind of pig on a sunday. So much for playing football, huh?


I do know that. However, I don’t celebrate Christmas with a tree to honor a pagan ritual. I don’t bring in the house to worship it, I don’t hang it upside down on my door to scare off evil spirits. Whatever was then was for its own reasons. A Christmas tree today means for me something of joy. I don’t adorn it with jewels or gold, but with memories from years past. IT is a time of reflection that even as the wise men brought gifts to the CHristchild, we share gifts because of goodwill and desire for peace on earth. Although that won’t happen either until Christ returns. Do you worship on the sabbath? Saturday? Or Sunday? Do you refrain from eating certain meats? I hope so. For to follow one part of God’s word means to follow all. God bless.


I knew that Christmas was a cover up for the pagan festival. But i still have a christmas tree even though i’m atheist.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We hear this stuff every year. Christmas trees, yule logs, christmas wreaths, poinsettas, yadda yadda. Hey, if you want to get technical, Jesus was born aroung March 17. So what? TODAY, it’s just a celebration. Some ppl celebrate Jesus. Others celebrate Santa Claus. Some folks just use it as an excuse to get drunk.
This is one event where I wish we could all follow the Wiccan way and live without doing harm to others. Oh, wait. Jesus said it too. Do unto others as you would have them do unto YOU! Just relax and have a merry Christmas AND a happy Holidays

Barbados Chick

Everything before “Christiananity” is “Pagan” but “Christianity” took “Pagan” and modified it to convert “Pagans” to “Christianity” The book is the same just a different cover, great marketing gig.
As for the tree, I am very excited to see what Santa leaves every year – so roll on Christmas!!! Only 59 days and some hours to go!!! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

♪♫Dance to the Music♪♫

By “yule” I assume you mean Christmas. Yes, I am aware that the Christmas tree is originally pagan. But I don’t see how the book of Jeremiah forbids that practice of Christmas. Christmas is a celebration (to remember the Savior’s birth) that began hundreds of years after the book of Jeremiah was finished. In other words, people who lived in that time (when the book of Jeremiah was written) did not celebrate Christmas because the holiday didn’t exist then.
To me, the Christmas tree isn’t necessary. It’s just tradition. The real reason of Christmas is to remember the Savior’s birth. Christmas comes every year, regardless of the symbols used in it’s celebration.

George K

Yes I know.

Genevieve Snaza

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