How many Americans do you think believe in Reincarnation? About 50%? If you believe, who will you be next?







  1. I would have to say most Americans do.
    Christians make up the majority of Americans. And, apparently, a lot of Christians believe in reincarnation. Why else would they refer to themselves as “born again”?

  2. no sane american would believe in all that idol worshipping nonsense, they have better things to worship other than man made idols

  3. It’s not that high in Western nations, and among Christians.
    But surveys have given us actual “answers” to your question.
    I’ve provided you with good link below.
    Quote from that link:
    >>White evangelicals are less than half as likely as other Christians to adopt Eastern and New Age beliefs, the poll found. Still, 13 percent of white evangelicals believe in astrology, and 11 percent believe in reincarnation, the survey found<< If you went to India, or other nations around India, the number of believers in reincarnation would be more than 50%.

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