How long will these beings be talking to me using my own voice?

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These beings that reopened my baihu (a light that comes strait down from heavens to crown and surged it into my pinneal gland, and reconnects you to your soul, pure masculine energy ) – they also drove away the evil spirits and feminine energy and changed my DNA to only my father’s half (any idea why they did that either?) they are regenerating my body now from the damage, like my ears and pinneal gland, as well as reopening the chakras in my body which those beings somehow managed to close as well (the bad beings poured some cold liquid into my heart chakra and then pulled the light out of my body, it felt horrible) – they have reopened my baihu and heart chakra they pryed open again and relit, and light is starting to reanimate my body – now they have to regenerate my head and ears, and top of my spinal cord –

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urban naturalist

Sorry to hear you lost your feminine side. I doubt that God would do that – She knows how it feels to have people stamp out your feminine side…

silly susej

slowly backing away from you and your question…

☢Vault 21☢

You might have schizophrenia. Seriously.


Try turning the light out. Replace it with a CFL bulb. They aren’t so bright and they’re supposed to be good for the environment unless you break it. Then you have to call a hazmat team in.

Derek B

well this def blows but i would jump into some water 🙂 dont drown yourself though not good

Private Prinny

Until they are done, I guess.

Jander Ino

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serpent crusher

The new age movement is all an illusion. Lucifer’s light is fake. See Genesis 3:5-6. Satan wants to enlighten you to a path contrary to the path that leads to eternal life. Satan thinks he can avoid the lkae of Fire by stealing away all of God’s children and thus causing God’s word to be void. He shall fail. Why do you want to follow a failure ? Seek counsel and enlightenment from God’s word. See Proverbs 1:9.

Rev. Lynn D.

I do not think that what you are describing is possible. Each of us has Yin and Yang energy and it is not possible to remove either. You can deny one of the other or be lopsided in the development of one or the other but neither can be eliminated.


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