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How long until I'll start seeing and feeling the results from Bikram Yoga?

I’m starting to practice Bikram Yoga regularly.
I’ll practice 3 times a week and run 3 times a week on alternating days.


  1. Not very long. How long have you been doing it? Bikram is pretty hardcore. Maybe a month and you should be in fantastic shape.

  2. You’ll start seeing results in a month if you practice the way you say. Still, deending on your fitness levels, it can vary a little.

  3. It depends on a couple of things: 1: Your current health, Diet, and over-all body type. 2: The the amount of calorie intake versus calorie burned. 3: Intesitiy level while working out. 4: Once again Diet, Diet, and proper nutrition.
    If you’re doing all these things right you’ll start seeing vague results in about two weeks (nothing Major, looser pants, lessening of you appitite, maybe some slighly slimmer areas of low amounts of subcutanious fat, being calfs, thighs, butt, once again depending of body type). I don’t know much about yoga, except I tried it once and the people in the class picked at me afterwards, seeing as how I couldn’t put my right elbow on top and across my left one, and then wrap my four arms around each other and place my palms together. I couldn’t even place my elbow on top of each other. The instructor lended assistance, and lets just say it was very difficult trying to get their and maintain the poor excuse of the example I set for that manuver. Back to what I’m saying; (I’m not knocking Yoga, I’m just speaking about my experience) it was a lot of standing still and more of a type of stretching exercise. It did take some muscle strenght and stamina to get the end result of each manuver, but that still doesn’t burn a lot of calories.
    If your a bigger person, I’d recommend three cardio sessions a week, ranging from 30-45 mins. Followed by 3 sessions of strength training (high reps, Low to moderate weight), and besides the exercise the most important thing DIET.
    If your a more athletic/Slinder body type, and trying to add lean muscle, I’m pretty sure that reading about this type of yoga would really help. Also add strenght training and some low intensity cardio. Remember building muscle and muscle growth happen faster than lossing fat.
    One more thing to remember, that a lot of people get discouraged with. You can’t spot exercise your abdomin and love handles (mid-section). You lose stomach fat by cardio and diet. Sit-ups, crunches, and all that jazz is great for improving you abdominal muscle strength, but unless your doing 1,000s a day your not going to see much of an improvement.
    If you have a more muscular body build (I fit into this category) unless your very flexible or maybe I’m just weird, yoga is a very painful and hard task to accomplish. I applaude everyone who does it.

  4. Hard to say how long until you see results. You’re probably already feeling results now. I have been doing Bikram for 10 months now and have dropped 2 dress sizes, lost inches around my waist and have toned my arms & legs. I feel physically fit, healthier & more relaxed in the world. I started to see physical changes about 3 months in but the pace of change quickens and now my body is getting more fit all the time. I’m on my way to developing a 6pack which I never in my life thought that I would have! Keep it up!
    FYI – Bikram says that once you start doing his yoga you will stop the hard pounding that comes with running and realize Bikram is all you need.


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