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How long should it take for hypnosis cds to work?

I have recently bought a Paul McKenna hypnosis cd for helping to enjoy food and not overeat, take more exercise etc. Has anyone ever used these before and how long was it before you noticed yourself changing. I do believe that this will work but just wanted to have a rough idea of how long so I won’t stop using it if I dont notice any results in a few weeks


  1. It really depends on the person.
    If you’ve never used hypnosis cd’s before, it may take a while for you to get used to the process of going into hypnosis. When I first started listening to hypnosis CD’s and mp3’s it took several sessions before I started to notice myself going into a nice, deep trance.
    As to how quickly you’ll see result depends on you level of desire to change and how well you respond to hypnosis. Hypnosis is not a magic wand, but it is a powerful tool for change. Since every person is unique, the time it takes to see results will vary.
    My advice would be to not set a time limit and to keep going. As you continue to use those hypnosis CD’s on a regular basis, sooner or later you will see result and they will often come without you noticing them at first! Other people tend to notice them in you before you do.
    Hope this helps.
    Horatio Kaine

  2. For the cd’s to work you need to listen to them in an organized repeated manor.
    Same time same place, daily or every two or three days etc.

  3. Choose a place that is quiet and private to run the CD, if you can. Somewhere you will not be disturbed. I have some clients that choose to run the downloads wheneever they fly, and find it helps them arrived totally relaxed – so don’t think you have to do it at home. Generally, however, especially when working with several downloads over a period, it’s good practice to find somewhere you feel completely secure and will not be disturbed.
    When using a self hypnosis download you’ll find the best results can be achieved using it late in the day, when you are ready to go to sleep. Just put it on when you go to bed, and let it play through. Load your download onto a device that will run it, and then turn off. If you are using an Ipod, you may wish to create a playlist with just the therapy file in it. The idea is that if you fall asleep, it will just turn off.
    Please don’t make the mistake one of my clients made, and listen to a therapy while driving. They fell asleep in a stationary line of traffic on a bridge in Vancouver. Apart from blocking one of the major traffic arteries of Vancouver during rush hour, no serious side effects resulted on that occassion. Seriously – these recordings do make you feel drowsy and you should not use them in a vehicle or while operating machinery.
    You csn get some awesome tips on how to use altered states and trance skills here: http://www.vancouverhypnotherapy.org/OnlineProducts/products1.html

  4. Are you following the instructions exactly- listening to the cd on earphones in a safe place, at least twice a day. Not when you are driving or operating machinery.
    when the end of the cd arrives you should feel like you were asleep for part of the time, then you are arriving. each time you enter the trance state you go a bit deeper and the deeper you go the quicker you will arrive at your goal.


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