How long should I do yoga for every day?

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I’ve taken some classes in the past but now to save some money I’ve downloaded some yoga videos. There’s ones that are only 20minutes long and others that are 30-60min. Is it sufficient enough for me to do the 20min one or maybe a 20min one twice a day?

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search indian yoga – RAM DEV
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i am your friendly neighborhood family docotor, any questions

melissa a

its best to start out 20 min a day for a week then next week 30 for another week then 60 min then start back the same way back over again


Dear friend, thanks for your query. You may have to select a few rigorous yogas and practice them 30 minutes everyday of your life when the stomach is empty. This will not only balances you physically, it will also helps to keep balance mentally. Determination and will power are the most important instruments in any activity. Wish you all the best.


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