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How long is the healing time for a nose piercing?

I got my nose pierced at the end of July this year, and at the moment, I can leave the stud out for a couple of days, and then put it back in with no problem except for it sometimes hurting.
It still hurts if I knock it, or if I take out the stud…so I was just wondering how long it takes most people’s to heal to the point of it being completely painless??
Thanks 🙂


  1. all the people that i know says that it takes about 6-8 weeks. the thing is you have to keep twisting and turning it pulling and pushing it in and out basically playing with it when you can but always with clean hands. also try the sea salt that worked well with all my piercings

  2. 2-4 months or 1 year. don’t play with it clean it with salen solution(contact cleaner) or use warm water mixed with sea salt.

  3. Nostril piercings can take 2-3 months to heal or longer depending on your body. Since yours is still hurting, I doubt it’s healed meaning you shouldn’t be leaving the stud out or changing the jewelry at all.
    And the person that said that playing with it and moving it around will help it heal seems to not know the basics of piercings. Playing with and rotating an unhealed piercing is an easy way to get an infection or irritate it.

  4. mine took a long time as I kept knocking it which caused lumps to grow on it all the time. I think it took mine about 8 months to properly heal. I started to use lavender oil as its supposed to help heal, when mine went bad, and I havent had any problems since.

  5. Its a major misconception that the nose is an ‘easy’ piercing when actually it can be quite troublesome. It’s a myth that it can take up to 6 -8 weeks to heal when it fact it really is from 6 months to a year. I still dont understand why people insist on saying that. Remember though everyone heals differently and it could be quicker or longer for you. Just keep it clean with a saline solution and see your piercer to give it a quick check up (this should be free). To be honest your piercing sounds like it healing fine but dont play with it too much.

  6. it depends on the person , each person has a different healing sequence.
    Since you took it out and when you tried putting it back in it hurt its not healed, should take a few good more months or so.
    Dont take the piercings out for too long or it wil increase healing time.
    Also depends on the sizes and gauges of the piercing..


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