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how long is the best effective meditation?

like how many minutes and what is the least minutes reccomended to acheive results from meditation?


  1. The best amount of time is the amount you want to do.
    A minimum would be about 5 minutes, since it takes that long just to begin. But beyond that, just choose a time that feels right for you, and to which you feel you can commit.
    It’s more important to meditate every day than how long you meditate for. Meditating for 10 minutes every day will help you achieve much better results than 30 minutes or an hour every so often.

  2. Most people recommend half an hour. If you are a beginner start with five minutes and work up to it. It is good to choose an amount of time that you can commit to every day.
    I have a day job and run 2 businesses and a hectic life that causes me both to need to meditate and to have difficulty making time to meditate.
    i use the snooze alarm. When I wake up in the morning, I hit the snooze alarm, then i sit up in bed and meditate for the 9 minutes until the alarm goes off again. This way I know I have started my day out with that much needed meditation.
    If I get a halp hour later in the day I will meditate again but if not, I did enough to keep the balance.
    Do what you can make work in your lifestyle.


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