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How Long Is A Tarot Reading Good For?

For example, if I do a reading today how long are those influences good for? I’m learning to read cards but I can’t find this information anywhere.
To the non-believers: the cards knew my mom DIDN’T have pancreatic cancer when doctors with their tens of thousands of dollars worth of tests said she did. The cards also said mom would get an unexpected windfall. The next day mom’s sister died unexpectedly and mom inherited her house.


  1. It’s never good. Tarot cards are a joke. But if you really want to waste the time and money you could always pick up a tarot guide book at your local book store for about 20 bucks.

  2. Actually, if you are doing tarot for yourself, it is best to do an energy spread where you ask your Higher Self to show you the energy of…pick your timeframe….for example, three months. You can also do a Year Spread, where one card represents the energy for the month, each month. Make sure you write them down, this way you can track them and this also helps you to learn to read, because you will gain new insight when you reflect back on these cards in their respective months and what actually happened in that month. If you did not ask a specific time, expect about six months as a general rule of thumb. But it’s better to define the timeframe before you throw the cards.

  3. depends on the spread you use and the question you are asking. the usual celtic cross is a spread that is good for upward of 3 months. for a year use something like cross of the century or cross of the year. the more simple the question the less time frame a reading has. the more complex the longer the time frame is.

  4. No matter what spread, if the major arcana cards dominate the spread it’s good indication that the forces are pretty well set,This however doesn’t mean that this is set in concrete. Tarot only gives probabilities of outcomes. If things do not change in a person’s life this is probably ( not definitly ) what will happen.
    If there a lot of major arcana are in the reading uselly it good for about three months

  5. Depends on the specific reading and spread. Depends on the question… My readings are usually good for a few days or weeks at most, but I shy away from great temporal questions.
    You were given freewill and each decision can affect your present and future. The cards can tell you of outside forces at work in your life.


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