Home Discussion Forum How long i have to wait for see meditation benefits?

How long i have to wait for see meditation benefits?

I have just read the other question about meditation on Yahoo answer .
And i saw some people speak about Two month , other Seven month , for be calm , relaxing and good following their breath
How don’t you be decouraged ?
I have started there are Two month .i feel always stress


  1. Immediately!! Because once you’ve made the decision to change your life for the better…. You are showing the first positive sign… and that is… Your Will Power! “keep it up and keep being positive!”

  2. This is a great question! The answer really depends on your goals for meditation. Why are you meditating?
    If you want to calm your mind, relax, and get a break from the chaos and worry of life, you can practice a simple and enjoyable meditation technique, called “mantra meditation.” Click on the link to hear the beautiful singing of some ancient mantras. You will instantly feel a soothing and calming effect on the mind.
    There’s no need to get discouraged. Just start out doing 5 min a day and gradually increase your practice. You will feel some benefits right away.
    Over time, meditation can also help with many physical ailments, such as high blood pressure, insomnia, overweight, and depression.
    But, the highest goal of meditation is union with God, which can take lifetimes!

  3. You should be going into a state of meditation quite quickly, within a couple of weeks if you do it every day. If the technique you are using is not working try here http://www.freemeditation.ca/. It is a good, effective technique.

  4. It completely depends on you, if you want to see the best benefits from it, I recommend you to go to a meditation retreat. There you will see how it affects your mind and get enough strength to continue with a daily meditation practice. Here you can find more information about it:
    Meditation is supported by the way you live your life, it is a training of the mind so is useful when you start living a life that keeps your mind more tranquil. It doesn’t mean going to a forest and doing nothing but avoiding lying, stealing, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.


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